Cloudmore SSO - Create metadata XML file from Identity Provider (IdP) : Azure AAD

This article has been created to supplement Step 1 of the Cloudmore SSO process


  • Sign in to the Azure portal (
  • On the left navigation pane, select the Azure Active Directory.
  • Navigate to Enterprise Applications
    SSO Pic 9
  • Click the New application button at the top
        SSO Pic 10

  • Select the Non-gallery application option under Add your own app.SSO Pic 11
  • Enter a name for the Enterprise application, for instance, 'Cloudmore', and click the Add button at the bottom.

       SSO Pic 13

       SSO Pic 14

  • Wait for the success message that tells you that your Enterprise application has been created.
  • Click the Users and groups option under Manage from the navigation pane. SSO Pic 12
  • Here you can add the users that should already have access to this Enterprise application and use single sign-on. Add at least one user to test by clicking the Add user button at the top.
      SSO Pic 15
  • Click on the Users and groups option to select users.SSO Pic 16
  • Use the search tab to find the user you are looking for and add them by clicking on them. They will now show up under Selected members.SSO Pic 17
  • Click on the Select button at the bottom when you have finished selecting members.SSO Pic 18
  • Click on the Assign button at the bottom to assign the selected users to the Enterprise application.
      SSO Pic 19
  • Click the Single sign-on option under Manage from the navigation panel.SSO Pic 20
  • Click the SAML option.
      .SSO Pic 21
  • In section 3, called SAML Signing Certificate, click on the Download text next to the Federation Metadata XML.
       SSO Pic 22
  • Your federation metadata XML will start to download. This file needs to be uploaded to the Cloudmore UI in Step 1 of the SSO setup.