What bugs have been fixed in Cloudmore?

Here is a list of bugs that have been fixed in the last 12 months

Platform Bug Fixes

Our team has been working hard to stamp out bugs. See our latest fixes here:


  • CM-61 – Fixed an issue with General Discount not being applied to CSP billing. 
  • CM-82 – Fixed an issue with Subscription renewal emails being sent twice to listed email addresses. 
  • CM-94 – Fixed an issue with the UI, where the “Add” button was not visible when adding CSP Direct service to an Organization. 
  • CM-98 – Fixed an issue with the UI, where the Name and the Item Code columns in the Pricelist were too big. 
  • CM-99 – Fixed an issue with the UI, where the Custom Service modal was too big. 
  • CM-100 – Fixed an issue with assigning subscriptions to users in CSP when a user tried to assign subscriptions to multiple users, an exception message was displayed. 
  • CM-101 – Fixed an issue with the VAT number in Reseller Properties not being retained when the screen is refreshed. 
  • CM-103 – Fixed an issue with the Organization MS CSP O365 users and licenses report, showing a double count of licenses. 
  • CM-104 – Fixed an issue with the Consumption submission page, where the Total Price was displayed as NaN. 
  • CM-137 – Fixed an issue with Azure billing data sync, where in some cases, the sync failed, and no billing data was synced. 
  • CM-138 – Fixed an issue with Custom Service Connector service, where opening Subscriptions/Products after editing subscription/product gave an error. 
  • CM-140 – Fixed an issue with Custom Services when cloning a service, the minimum quantity is set to 0, instead of the minimum quantity of the initial product. 
  • CM-145 – Fixed an issue with Azure Plan and One Time Billing reports not producing Excel outputs. 
  • CM-193 – Fixed an issue with the Broker creation page when a field is left unfilled, there is an error displayed, but a record is still created in the database.  

        July 2020

        • 22744 – Fixed an issue with Limit Products functionality, where in some cases, it was not possible to deactivate it.
        • 22745 – Fixed an issue with the CSP subscriptions page, where on editing the subscription, the price shown, in some cases, was wrong.
        • 22894 – Fixed an issue with creating subscriptions, where in some cases, an addon was being added as default.
        • 22993 – Fixed an issue with the CSP subscriptions page, where on editing, the selected products are displayed as “undefined” in the bottom of the modal.
        • 23014 – Fixed an issue with the OrganizationServiceProducts API call, where the return showed wrong data for payment frequency.
        • 23031 – Fixed an issue with the Billing Report, where Manual Billing lines were displayed by another date group.
        • 23042 – Fixed an issue with Linking Tenant process, where organizations with custom properties, were not able to be linked.
        • 23050 – Fixed an issue with User import, where Organization Admins were not getting errors, when the import failed.
        • 23132 – Fixed an issue with non-metered products not having a minimal quantity option.
        • 22588 – Fixed an issue with cache not being updated, when an org gets unlinked from a tenant.
        • 22602 – Fixed an issue with Custom Properties dropdown API validation not validating the data, that goes into the dropdown fields.
        • 22638 – Fixed a UI issue with the payment frequency dropdown, in the Custom Service modal.
        • 22700 – Fixed an issue with reports, where the Billing start date was not taken into account, when querying the report.
        • 23139 – Fixed an issue with Custom Products being visible for Resellers, that are not tied to the products.
        • 23160 – Fixed an issue with the Total Billing Report showing different values for Reseller and Organization.
        • 23169 – Fixed an issue with the Custom Service Addons, where the email notifications were not sent out.
        • CM-83 – Fixed an issue with paging on Reseller level O365 subscriptions page and messages page.
        • CM-105 – Fixed an issue with CSP and Total Billing reports, where the “Total cost” figures were taken wrongly from MS.

        June 2020

        • 23188 – Fixed an issue with the onboarding site showing errors. 
        • 22159 – Fixed an issue with CSP subscription renewals, where in some cases, errors were shown instead of the renewal list. 
        • 22527 – Fixed an issue with branded login page’s, browser tab’s, favicons not showing. 
        • 22761 – Fixed an issue with the Seller service page, where the Market selection was not saving and defaulting to Draft status. 
        • 22857 – Fixed an issue with the Custom services, where the option “Display only service” functionality was not working. 
        • 22916 – Fixed an issue with the Azure Billing Report, where in some cases, the unlinked tenants list was not shown after running the report. 
        • 23037 – Fixed an issue with the Manual Billing Lines page, where the XML import was not working. 
        • 22982 – Fixed an issue with MonthlyBillingPerService and MonthlyBillingPerOrganization API calls, in some cases, not returning all data. 
        • 23129 – Fixed an issue with CSP Subscriptions page long loading time. 

        May 2020

        • 22612– Fixed an issue with the Lithuanian language calendar, where the calendar’s dates were showing as “NaN”. 
        • 22033 – General Billing page is now a little faster
        • 22253– Fixed an issue with Dynamic Approval process not working properly with CSP, where in some cases, approval requests were not created, even if the subscription price is above the limit defined for the organization. 
        • 22272– Fixed an issue with viewing O365 subscriptions, where the pop-up boxes were not displaying correctly. 
        • 22441 – Fixed an issue with the Billing report, where subscriptions with future start date, sometimes were showing in previous billing reports.
        • 22545 – Fixed an issue with deleting organizations not refreshing the organization list.
        • 22598 – Fixed an issue with admin roles, where sales agents could see the cost/margin, when creating a quote.
        • 22600 – Fixed an issue with updating reseller users, where the custom property validation was validating for reseller users, not organization users. 
        • 22628 – Fixed an issue with the General Billing report, where checking the “Show current status” for a custom service, lost the name of the service in the report.
        • 22836 – Fixed an issue with Azure Billing page and Azure Portal link showing errors when navigating to the page. 
        • 22478– Fixed an issue with Custom Service pricelist export, where some of the columns were not mapped properly. 
        • 22569 – Fixed an issue with the Limited Products filter, where after deactivating the filter on org level, no products were available on the subscriptions page.
        • 22589 – Fixed an issue with the Azure One-Time billing report, where in some cases, the report was not returning any data.
        • 22611 – Fixed an issue with O365 subscriptions, where in some cases, the price was not updated on existing subscriptions.
        • 22650 – Fixed an issue with O365 Licences page, where in some cases, the page did not update itself after changes were made to the licences.
        • 22664– Fixed an issue with the “Edit subscription” page for Custom Services, where the Total cost of the subscription was wrong. 
        • 22698 – Fixed an issue with the Seller “Allow rest API access” setting not saving.
        • 22737 – Fixed an issue with the Reseller level Invoices page, where in some cases, the FortnoxAPI gave No response errors. 
        • 22746 – Fixed an issue with the O365 Users page, where the number of allocated licenses to users, was double the actual amount.
        • 22774 – Fixed an issue with the O365 Subscriptions page, where selecting “All organizations”, was giving an error.
        • 22834 – Fixed an issue with CSP Pricelist, where changing the price, didn’t apply the new price.
        • 22873– Fixed an issue with Custom Services subscriptions, where the next billing date for yearly subscription with monthly billing period, the next billing date was wrong. 
        • 22874 – Fixed an issue with Azure One-Time billing excel exports, where the numbers in the excel file were formatted as text, not numbers.
        • 22880 – Fixed an issue with Approval Process, where an exception message is displayed, while approving a request for Azure subscriptions.
        • 22883 – Fixed an issue with Consumption based billing, where in some cases, new subscriptions were not listed in the Submit Consumption page.
        • 22981 – Fixed an issue with Azure One-Time Billing report, where in some cases, the report did not generate.

        April 2020

        • 22748 – Fixed an issue with BillingReportsAsync, where the API call returns different data from UI. 
        • 22637 – Fixed an issue with O365 Users and Licensing screens showing errors. 
        • 22036 – Fixed an issue with invoice sync, where in some cases, the Azure invoices did not show in Cloudmore.
        • 22437– Fixed an issue with F-Secure “Service overview” and “Subscriptions” pages on RA level, in some cases, pages did not load and showed an error. 
        • 22457 – Fixed an issue with CSP subscription creation API call giving “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error. 
        • 22477 – Fixed an issue with CSP products API call failing with 502 error. 
        • 22485 – Fixed an issue with F-Secure subscription import for billing data, where some subscriptions were without value. 
        • 20415 – Fixed an issue with the login button disappearing, when a user tries to log in, without entering a password. 
        • 21291 – Fixed an issue with addons being deselected, when creating a subscription and then decreasing/increasing the number of subscriptions. 
        • 22136 – Fixed an issue with updates to a user, through the API, not showing up immediately in UI. 
        • 22269 – Fixed an issue with the Linking tenants' page, in some cases, organizations with CSP Service, were not displayed. 
        • 22435 – Fixed an issue with the CSP pricelist not updating, when editing it from the Edit price view, on a subscription. 
        • 22484 – Fixed an issue with Azure usage report not generating the report file. 
        • 22493 – Fixed an issue with F-Secure pre-integrated service, in some cases, creating a subscription fails. 
        • 22434 – Fixed an issue with CSP pricelist, where in some cases, querying prices had performance issues. 
        • 22367 – Fixed an issue with price update API call, in some cases, the price was not updated. 
        • 22037 – Fixed an issue with the CSP Subscription Notifications coining the variable tags, instead of variable data. 
        • 22454 – Fixed an issue with F-Secure subscriptions GET call giving 500 error. 

        March 2020

        • CSP subscription notifications which contained variable tags, instead of variable data. 
        • the F-Secure subscriptions GET call to stop it from displaying a 500 error.
        • an issue with the 'price update' API call, where in some cases, the price was not updated. We also enhanced the performance of our CSP price list so that there are no performance issues around querying prices.
        • an issue with F-secure subscriptions, where in some cases, subscriptions couldn’t be queried.
        • the custom services price list which was showing, not just activated products, but the full product list. 
        • the billing report’s dates so that they always show in ascending order.
        • the general billing report which was not returning results at the organizational level.
        • the postal code errors that appeared when some users turned on the MFA option.
        • the errors that displayed when some users deleted their email templates. 
        • an issue with Custom Services, where in some cases, the price per year was calculated incorrectly.
        • the identifier field in the payment methods option so that it displays the correct data when edited.
        • an issue with the organization list at the broker level which, in some cases, showed the list in the wrong alphabetical order.
        • an issue with the Organization’s 'user update' API call, which was not showing the correct error when the domain did not exist.
        • an issue with the MonthlyBillingPerOrganization API call, which was displaying 500 errors with large billing reports.
        • the Azure billing page for some organizations where in some cases users were being logged out. 
          • the language dropdown so that users can view and use the platform in all of the languages available.  
          • an issue where the CSP user list export gave an unhandled exception.
          • an issue with the loading of a CSP indirect service, where in some cases, adding the service gave an error, but a notification email was still sent out.
          • the scheduled billing report at the organization level, where the report download buttons were not showing.
          • a bug that prevented scheduled billing reports from processing more than one report at a time.
          • the  “Show Details” link on the CSP subscription page, which wasn't displaying any information.
          • an issue with the billing report’s organization filter, where organizations with a general discount were not filtered out.
          • the O365 subscriptions list so that it loads quickly and doesn't show a loading error. 
          • the log back in pop-up which wasn't displaying. 
          • the API connection issues around F-Secure's services 
          • an issue with an F-Secure pre-integrated product, where organizations with “()” in their name were getting errors.
          • the “Linking Tenants” page's loading time.
          • the O365 billing page's loading time.
          • the “Tenant ID is not valid” error which appeared on the “Tenant Linking” page.

        26 February 2020

        • an issue with invoices, where the “Apply a credit to a payment instrument” invoice line, which Microsoft introduced recently, wasn't displaying correctly. 
        • a bug that allowed multiple Organizations to be linked to a single Tenant.
        • an issue with the price list at the Organization level, where in some cases, the price list gave an error when being generated. 
        • the “Add subscription” page to make sure the “Add” button always appears. 
        • minor cost and sales price differences in the CSP/Azure billing reports and the total billing report.

        22 January 2020


                    • the field that was limiting the entry of contact names with longer spellings when an organization is created.
                    • the broker billing report which was displaying organizational data.
                    • a bug that occurred when editing Vcloud, limiting storage capacity.
                    • an issue with seller services losing their “draft” status after the seller adds an agreement.

        7 January 2020


                • an issue that prevented F-Secure from returning billing data.
                • a bug that caused the onboarding site to get stuck on the Final Step page.

        10 December 2019


                • a bug that prevented subscription prices from updating to the new price after a 12-month renewal.
                • the Cloudmore user password reset option.
                • custom services so that all prices display the correct currency.
                • a bug in the Azure Usage Report which caused the incorrect CloudmoreCustomerNumber to display.
                • an issue where changing the friendly name for a subscription was returning an error.
                • an issue with the price list, where the price remained the same after pressing delete.

        06 November 2019


            • the runtime error that displayed when some users logged into Cloudmore using Single Sign-On.
            • an issue that prevented administrators from creating a new Cloud Service Broker from a country with a currency other than SEK, EUR, GBP or USD.
            • a bug that prevented CSP add-ons from being created.
            • a bug that stopped users from being able to generate a new branded login.


        17 October 2019


        • a percentage margin issue for price lists at the organizational level.
        • the DisplayName, FirstName, LastName created after adding a Microsoft CSP service to a new organization. This data was not loading correctly. 

        04 October 2019


        • vCloud storage so that users can edit the storage value.
        • the “Reload” button so that new Azure users can be downloaded from the Microsoft portal.

          Note: We have also made improvements to the reseller search functionality.

        16 August 2019


        • issue with the quote tool when a seller’s service was added.
        • notification e-mail sent out to sellers when a subscription is cancelled so that it includes the cloud broker’s name.

        17 July 2019


        • the Cloudmore billing report so that it continues to work with custom dates.
        • the reseller billing report so that numbers at the “Service” level are no longer rounded up.
        • error that appeared when trying to generate a billing report for a large number of services.

        26 June 2019


        • the create subscription pop-up so that the ‘add’ button is easily viewable, even when there are many products listed on the page.
        • the subscription button in the seller layer so that it displays service specific subscriptions only, instead of all subscriptions.
        • SharePoint 3.0 site link at reseller level. 
        • issue where all users were not displayed when setting up a Gridheart Exchange forwarding rule.

        12 June 2019


        • instance where users got logged out when exporting the Azure user account list.
        • issue where a currency dropdown field was exposed if the user was using Safari when adding a service.
        • the quote tool so that Microsoft SharePoint can now be added.
        • issue where duplicate records sometimes appeared in the billing report when filtering vendors.
        • instance where Limited Key Account Managers couldn’t get access to organizations.
        • issue with the renewal of Gridheart Hosted Exchange subscriptions.