This is a big update with many improvements. You can now sell services in the marketplace and we have added a lot more functionality for Microsoft CSP Direct partners.

Sellers and Marketplace

There have been major updates to platform functionality for both marketplace sellers as well as Cloud Brokers:

  • Extended list of categories to improve marketplace searching. (Picture)
  • Added "Rest API" as a provisioning type for easy automation of service provisioning. 
  • Lots of improvements for services with recurring billing (Service Plans), marketplace listings and billing of products such as hardware (one-time billing).
  • New product page for organizational administrators to purchase products. (Picture)
  • Option to target customer type when listing services (i.e. resellers and/or end customers).
  • Periods for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months are now available when setting the subscription period.
  • Add a one-time fee, for instance a start-up fee, when creating a custom product (Picture)
  • Set a trial period for any amount of days to delay billing for a custom product.
  • Offer product add-ons (additional chargeable product-related items) per user or per organization. (Picture)
  • Now its it easier for self-service customers to purchase services or add and change subscriptions.
  • Enter a purchase order (PO) number or comment at the point of purchase. (Picture)
  • Added the event and feedback log to seller area.

MSP cloud brokerage enablement

Full White Label - login page and URL have been improved and we have removed most references to Cloudmore. Some more changes are still to be implemented.

Reseller reporting page and reports - now shows the following reports for Cloudmore services (custom services and Microsoft CSP Direct services will be added at a later date). (Picture)

- Organizations growth - Sales per country
- Users growth - Top organizations
- Sales growth with billing, cost, and margin - Billing changes
- Sales per service over time  


Organization report page and reports - now shows the following reports for Cloudmore services (custom services and Microsoft CSP services will be added at a later date)

- Users growth - Billing per service over time
- Billing over time  

Feedback improvements -
Feedback is the best way to report bugs or make feature requests. The unique reference number is now exposed to ease tracking and follow ups.The user will also receive a confirmation email.

Quote Tool updates - The Quote Tool has been updated and now includes the Microsoft O365 CSP Direct services and products. You may also edit the subject and email body text before an email is sent. (Picture)

Billing report performance update - The billing report page has been rebuilt and performance has been considerably improved, for all browsers, especially Safari and Explorer/Edge.

General improvements

  • Removed requirements for the registration number for US-based organizations.
  • Empty columns in Excel exports have been removed.
  • Added better error handling for reseller properties page.
  • Enforce email address on user objects so they can use feedback functionality.
  • Reseller dashboard widgets are now showing data for custom services.
  • Named links in organization dashboard have been updated.
  • Custom services are now displayed in related services.
  • Password reset page updated with the new, complex password policy.
  • An organization administrator can now add services via the service overview page.
  • Password reset form process improved.
  • Security center – 2-factor authentication process has been improved.

General errors fixed

  • Suggested-service widget on dashboard failed in some circumstances.
  • Billing report “Object not set to an instance of an object” under some circumstances.
  • Reseller billing page “you are not authorized” alert.
  • Reseller dashboard widget.
  • Changing reseller service plan.
  • Importing users.
  • Intermittent users to be logged out.
  • Submit feedback on certain pages.
  • Reseller administrator setup when the reseller had setup themselves up as an organization.
  • Deleting user objects under certain circumstances.
  • Dynamic load of states for a country causes JavaScript.
  • Reseller agreement update incorrectly forced on some resellers.
  • Changing organization user to admin did not update the user interface.
  • Submit feedback may cause left menu to disappear.
  • Service overview closes edit menu after adding a new object.
  • Login as a seller administrator could display the reseller login for some users .
  • Quote Tool – Update price for SKU did not update margin calculation.
  • Cannot create users in Enterprise organization with shared domains.
  • Reseller dashboard – You could see recommended services that are not available to you.
  • Custom service name too long name error handling.
  • Pictures in text editor could break page display.
  • Submitting feedback from reseller marketplace page caused filtering to break.
  • Rating page in service overview not working.
  • No submit button on feedback forms sometimes when using Safari.
  • Seller and marketplace – Adding new properties to a service did not expose new tabs until browser refresh.

Service issues fixed

  • Exchange 2010 – When you add a new domain, secondary email addresses are deleted.
  • Exchange 2010 – was not visible in the marketplace to European resellers.
  • Exchange 2010 – Hide from address list option did not update properly.
  • Soonr – Fixed the issue where users with no email caused an error.
  • TSM Spectrum Protect – Changed text GB to MB for usage report. 

Microsoft CSP Direct integration

Azure Billing –  Reseller now can see an aggregated billing report showing costs and sales prices for easy billing of Azure subscriptions. PLEASE NOTE! Some customers may find this report slow to produce a result. Please be patient, we are is working on performance improvements

Azure margin support - Add global or a specific customer margin for simple end-customer Azure billing.

Create organizations from Microsoft tenant - Easily create organizations in Cloudmore from a Microsoft CSP tenant by visiting the link tenant page and click on the plus sign. Data from the Microsoft Partner Center will prepopulate to create a new customer organization in Cloudmore. Accept or edit the information before you click to create the organization which creates the link between the Cloudmore organization and the Microsoft CSP tenant.


Cloudmore API update – Added support for CSP billing - All CSP billing data is now available through the Cloudmore systems API.

Microsoft CSP Direct – Hide advisory tenants - Microsoft Tenants from the Advisory program, that are not part of the CSP program and can’t be managed, are now hidden.

Microsoft CSP Direct – Billing export - Additional data has been added.

Many other general CSP Direct fixes and improvements:

  • Azure subscriptions are now visible without browser refresh.
  • Added costs prices to reports.
  • Fixed the reports where global prices showed instead of customer specific prices.
  • Some SKU’s did not sync from Microsoft and could not be seen.
  • Fixed the validation errors when creating new tenant.
  • Better error handling when Microsoft Partner Center details missing or wrong.
  • When changing quantity for a subscription, the price is not updated.
  • Error when running billing report at the organization level.
  • Description missing for some products.
  • Fixed issue with cached API credentials.
  • Azure subscription is now found under Azure service rather that O365. 
  • Can now create tenants with different a country than CSP partner.
  • Improved performance on reseller overview page.
  • Azure billing unhandled error now fixed.
  • Azure billing export and on screen data mismatch resolved.
  • Azure billing report on this month no longer gives an error.
  • Azure breakdown chars sum stays visible when there is no billing data fixed.
  • Subscription name was not visible on user page.

Known Issues

  • Performance for Microsoft CSP Direct and Azure subscription and billing reports can be slow. We are working on a fix for this.
  • Import users suggested password does not meet updated password policy.
  • Login after session time-out may cause error “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object”.
  • Cannot remove imported Microsoft O365 CSP users.
  • Microsoft O365 - Description missing for subscription add-ons.
  • Microsoft O365 and Azure service are not showing in reseller or organization dashboard widgets.