Outbound provisioning API for services

REST API has been added as a provisioning type for custom services and seller services. The REST API provisioning is in addition to email provisioning. REST API provisioning enables and facilities an automated flow where a custom service can be automatically provisioned without any manual steps. When a service is added to an organization or a subscription is created or altered, an API call is sent out to a predefined URL. The API call is based on REST and follows a Cloudmore's pre-defined standard. For more information on the Service API, please contact your local sales representative.

Billing start date

We have added a billing start date for all organizations. The billing start date prevents an organizational administrator from seeing data on billing reports before the billing start date. Setting a billing start date is useful when importing customers with existing subscriptions where historical billing information should be hidden. By default, the billing start date is the same as the organization create date. The billing start date can be set from the organization properties. The billing start date is not applied to reports at reseller level.

Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Change subscription price

The price for a Microsoft O365 CSP Direct subscription is set when a subscription (typically 12 months) is created or renewed. The reseller can now adjust the price for an imported subscription to the correct price for the customer for historical and future billing reports. This feature can be found on the Microsoft O365 CSP Direct subscription page for an organization. In the list, there is a new button to edit the sales price. There is also an option to adjust prices for all organizations.

Cloudmore add-ons

Rather than selecting a service plan, Cloudmore customers now have a choice of add-ons.  Find the add-ons page under the reseller menu item. Current add-ons are:

  • Branded login page with custom URL
  • Pre-integrated service – Microsoft CSP
  • Cloudmore API
  • Service provisioning API

Check our our pricing information here

Custom service update

Improvements have been made to subscription management, price management, and reporting.

Registration number for organization not mandatory

The registration number field for organizations is no longer mandatory.

Added warning for removing users from subscriptions

A warning has been added when removing users from a subscription to prevent accidental data deletion.

Approval process for sellers

Before a service is published in the public marketplace, it will reviewed and approved by Cloudmore. We will ensure the service is correctly setup set up and verify service information.

Bug fixes

  • User Import – Update to automated generated password now follows new complex password requirements.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Fixed error when adding to quote tool.
  • Seller services – Cannot edit an existing service error fixed.
  • Quote Tool – Resolved error message on loading.
  • Organization – Organizational administrators can now add products.
  • Cloud Service Brokers – Cannot see service details for seller services - fixed.
  • Seller services – Multiple add-ons now summarize to correct price.
  • Seller dashboard – Various issues with graph data resolved.
  • Seller billing report – Fixed error when viewing billing report.
  • Reseller dashboard – Last actions now shows up to date data.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Suspended subscriptions now show in billing history.
  • Feedback – Submitting multiple feedback gives empty feedback form - fixed.
  • Soonr/Autotask – Auto-extend events now captured in the event log.
  • Billing report – Fixed Excel export with large amount of months selected showing wrong data.
  • Seller services – Cannot see reviews from customers - fixed.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Fixed error when exporting subscriptions to Excel.
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Direct – Margins are now calculated as margin, not markup.
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Direct – Billing export now contains organization names.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Fixed error message when adding O365 to new organizations.
  • Feedback log – Fixed - exporting would give an empty report.
  • Quote tool – Fixed - error generating the PDF file.
  • Organizations – Increased allowed address length to 200 characters.
  • Reseller branding – Branded URL as reseller admin can now be updated.
  • Organization – Price for add-ons now visible to org admins.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Domain availability check no longer returns an error.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Add-on name now displayed in subscription view.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Customer number now shows in Excel export

Known issues.

  • Performance for Microsoft CSP Direct and Azure subscription and billing are slow. We are working on a fix for this.
  • Login after session timeout may cause error “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object.”
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Direct – Billing report total does not correlate to Microsoft billing.