New and updated features

Role-based access

In this release, we have added new role-based access system with some new roles such as view-only and billing admins, in addition to the existing full administrative role. A view-only admin can see everything but cannot make any changes. A billing admin only has access to pricing and billing and invoices reporting areas of the platform

E-store UI update

The organization e-store has got a new design to match the design of the marketplace. Now service details will open in modal windows. This makes it easier and faster to move between services.

Approval process with amount

A new approval process has been added that triggers on the value of the subscription being purchased and provisioned. The approval process is enabled for an organization as before, and an optional limit for the annual value of a subscription is set. The organization may add subscriptions without approval as long as that annual value is not over the set limit. If the limit is breached, the purchase will need be approved.

Warning message when you deselect a chargeable add-on

When an administrator deselects a chargeable add-on, settings or functionality may be deleted from the platform. A warning message to highlight this has been added.

More granular release numbers

As Cloudmore sometimes releases hot-fixes in between regular releases we have added more granularity to the release sequence numbers. The format is x.xx.x where the last digit shows the hot-fix releases.

Custom service grouping of add-ons

When adding a service add-on is now possible to present a choice list where only one option is selectable,  This is achieved by grouping add-ons. To group items together a group name must be specified. The group name is case sensitive.

Custom login page update

An administrator can add hyperlinks and a background image to the custom branded login.

Updated email system

Cloudmore has rebuilt the email system used by the platform and moved all emails to a template system with language support. All platform emails are logged.

Bug fixes

  • Feedback tool – The submit button was occasionally missing.
  • Seller dashboard – Data did not show in some charts.
  • Seller – A seller admin could not delete items from the resource tab in service overview.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP – Consumed units did not update for subscriptions fixed.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP –  Slow performance when loading of large numbers of subscriptions, on reseller subscription page.
  • Microsoft O365 CSP – CSP user was not notified of incorrect authentication keys information.
  • Microsoft O36 CSP – Error when adding an add-on to a subscription
  • Microsoft O365 CSP – Error when exporting on subscription page
  • Microsoft O365 CSP – The edit price button was not displayed on subscription page
  • Microsoft O365 CSP – Price updated failed when changing the quantity of a subscription when logged in through a branded URL.
  • Microsoft Azure CSP – Error message "Sequence contains no matching element" in billing report.
  • Microsoft Azure CSP –Error message "Unhandled exception occurred" in billing report.
  • Cloudmore API – Typo errors in Swagger document.
  • DNS service – Error when creating a new DNS domain.
  • Reseller – Removed message about reseller trial.
  • User profile – Added complex password requirement when a user sets password from the user profile.
  • User profile – Fixed UI issue where user profile picture was not round and aligned with other icons.
  • F-Secure – Fixed issue where the list of subscription keys could not be displayed.
  • General –  Issue where organization admin got the end-user view where reseller had previously had a service plan that did not allow end user access.
  • General –  Issue where the "States" dropdown only displayed for the USA
  • Import organizations – Moved validation to check values before they are submitted for import so that the user would get notified instantly
  • Custom service – Issue where the monthly billing report for a custom service would give an error.
  • Branded login – After login it said Cloudmore in tab name of browser.
  • Microsoft CSP – Could not delete user that has been imported from CSP
  • Microsoft CSP – Wrong price was shown to user if price is set from start of subscription
  • Microsoft CSP – Price was not updated on subscription page when editing quantities
  • Microsoft CSP –  After updating Authentication keys it took up to 15 minutes before the change is applied.
  • Microsoft CSP – Billing export has a recommended price column that should not have been there
  • CTSM – Server node info showed storage with a misplaced decimal
  • General – Modal windows can under certain circumstances could be displayed to far down on the screen
  • Quote Tool – CSP services were not grouped in quote tool
  • Quote Tool – All checkboxes were highlighted when selecting CSP and hovering over Product names 
  • Reseller billing report – Azure removed from the billing page 
  • Exchange 2010 – When editing a subscription, the price was displayed as zero
  • Price List – Heading and button text were missing on custom services price page
  • Seller dashboard – The sales growth graph was unclear if sales has grown from zero to a high number in the period. Also, the Sales per service has a decimal point that should not be there.
  • Seller – Resellers could not add seller services
  • Branded login – Added validation for URL field and included text https:// to make it more clear to user what to enter.

Known issues

  • Performance for Microsoft CSP Direct and Azure subscription and billing is slow.
  • Login after session time-out may cause error "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object."
  • Microsoft CSP – If you import users into CSP that do not have an email address, an error will 
  • Microsoft Azure CSP – Azure billing data does not correlate to invoice data from Microsoft
  • Seller – Seller admin may get an error after re-login after a browser session timeout.
  • Custom Service – When you change service icon it is not visible until the user refreshes the page