New features

Custom services - Clone a product

We have added an option to clone a product under a custom service. This will help when creating multiple, similar products.

Group filter when assigning services to users

We have added the group filter to the assign subscription view. This makes it easy to select all users within a particular department or location by filtering the list of users in the organization user group. See picture

Approval process - update product info

The product information in the approval process view has been updated to show product name and add-on names. See picture

Marketplace and E-store price tab

A price tab was added to the marketplace and e-store information modal so that a user can view prices before adding the service. See picture 


Updated features 

Cloudmore Systems API Updates

The following features where added to the Cloudmore API

  • Link Microsoft Tenants to Cloudmore organization
  • Include Microsoft Tenants ID in Azure and CSP billing reports
  • Support for Dynamic Approval Process in API calls

Learn more about the Cloudmore Systems API

Outbound REST API Update

We updated the Outbound Rest API to support add-ons and include more product details in the calls.

Learn more about the REST API

Microsoft O365 CSP Direct –Performance Improvement

A significant performance improvement has been implemented for subscriptions and reporting for Microsoft O365 CSP direct. Work continues to make the same performance improvements will for Azure.

Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Check authentication keys

We added a feature that allows a user to click a test button to verify full functionality with Microsoft API’s. The new button can be found on the top of the Authentication Keys page.

Defer Agreement update

When Cloudmore updates an agreement, the customer will have the option to defer the approval of the new agreement for up to 30 days. This to give time for the customer to find the right person to approve it or get it approved by the legal department.

Disabled buttons

We made it more apparent for View Only admin that buttons are disabled by changing the colors of buttons from dark blue to grey.


Bug Fixes

Bug No. Area Description
10050 API  Null reference error on snapshot report
9927 API  Change country reference to use standard country codes
9895 Seller  Fixed bug in service approval process
9913 Custom Service  Fixed bug where you couldn’t remove user from a subscription
9983 CSB  Fixed an error where repeat password fields validation did not work.
9942 Organization  Fixed issue where admin could not add service to user.
9951 Soonr/Autotask Fixed data binding exception when listing members
9756 CSP  Added validation for email address when synchronizing user to Microsoft.
9817 Custom Service  Fixed issue where service icon was not updated until user refreshed page.

Known issues

  • Performance for Microsoft CSP Direct and Azure subscription and billing are slow. We are working on a fix for this.
    Update: Microsoft CSP O365 has been updated, we are currently working on improving the performance of Azure.
  • Login after session time-out may cause error “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object.” Update: The error is fixed and a time out handler will be introduced in 2.29.
  • Microsoft Azure CSP – Azure billing data does not correlate to invoice data from Microsoft