New and Updated Features

Enhanced currency support

A significant update to currency support is released in this update. The update increases flexibility where each service offered can be sold in one or multiple currencies. Default currency for Cloud Service Brokers CSB's and Organizations are set by the country.

The following features/changes have been implemented:

  • The default currency is now determined by country selection and this is shown on the properties page.
  • To support the reporting of services that are purchased in different currencies, a Currency Exchange Rate Service has been added that will retrieve current exchange rates and convert all reports into the default currency. This can be overridden with your own exchange rates as required.
  • The data in the dashboard charts uses the Currency Exchange Rate Service.
  • The available currencies for a service can be viewed and managed in the new currency tab in CSB service details.
  • The price list of a CSB shows all available currencies.
  • Currency support is also available for Custom Services to enable the sale of services in multiple currencies.
  • Sellers can now define the available currencies for a service. Currencies are assigned to a region or country. For a country that does not have a matching currency, the selected default currency will be applied.
  • Organizations see default currency for the country they are in or, the default seller currency if no local currency has been applied. Currencies for different services is then set by the CSB.

Custom Services – Set start and end date for subscription

  • Start and/or end dates can now be added for custom services. This is to support scenarios where an existing contract/subscription is added in Cloudmore, or to delay the billing start date.

Feedback connection to the development system

  • To improve feedback for bugs and feature requests, these are now connected to the back end development systems via a Work ID. This will enable a user to view more detailed information on the current state including when completed.

Generate and email password feature

To increase security when adding new users, there are now three options on how to generate and share the login details:

  • Generate a password and send to the user via email.
  • Specify a password and send to the user via email.
  • Specify a password but don't send to the user.

Microsoft CSP – Request customer relationship

  • CSP partners are now able to send a request to a customer for delegated CSP access so that the CSP partner can manage the customer.

Support feedback options

  • When a CSB is using the optional white label branding, the feature request and bug options have been removed in the feedback pop-up leaving the support option only. This ensures that all customer feedback is routed via their partner.

Organization dashboard clean up

  • Recommended services have been removed from the organization dashboard

Custom Service – Part of renewal report

  • Custom services are now visible in the renewals.

Suggest typing for Add-on grouping

  • When adding a custom service grouped add-on, existing groups are suggested when you start typing the group name.

Microsoft O365 CSP and Azure billing pages can be accessed from billing link

  • The Microsoft O365 CSP and Azure billing reports are now shown in the left-hand menu under Billing menu item.

Last month Azure chart update

  • The chart at the top of the Azure billing page has been updated to show data from the Microsoft invoice API. To speed up the data load time the chart is now displayed on request.

Cloudmore API Upgrade

  • The Cloudmore API has been updated. None of the updates will break any existing functionality:

    1. We implemented a new method to get all the Cloud Service Brokers CSP tenants and corresponding linked organizations. (GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/services/csp/CspTenants/List)
    2. For the method that links Microsoft CSP tenants with a Cloudmore Organization you can now specify a currency code that should be used when linking the tenants. If you leave the currency code property empty, the default currency for the organization will be used.
      More details available in the swagger document at

Bug Fixes

Bug No. Area Description
10569 Azure Fixed issue with invalid region and currency.
10137 Soonr/Autotask Adding additional users to existing subscription was billed incorrectly
 10119 Microsoft O365 CSP

Fixed issue where incorrect prices are shown for subscriptions. 

10288  General Date-picker now displays correctly on mobiles.
 10448/508 Microsoft O365 CSP  Fixed error when Microsoft ID was not found in Cloudmore system.
 10364  Azure Prices now show in the correct currency.
 10268 UI Fixed issue where popup modal now shows in the center of the screen.
 10382 General Fixed issue with submitting feedback after user received an error message on a page.
 10395  UI Fixed issue with select/deselect all services in billing report.
 10393 General Fixed issue where seller services price changes were not implemented.
 10512/502 Microsoft O365 CSP   Fixed issue where subscription view was not updated after adding a subscription.
 10500 Microsoft O365 CSP  Fixed issue where there where a limit in listing more than 500 tenants.
 10248 General Fixed an issue so that billing report for custom services now display correct data.
 10374 Microsoft O365 CSP   Fixed issue where not all subscriptions shown in the report.


Known issues

  • The email password feature is only implemented for organization users. Will be implemented for cloud service broker admins in future releases.
  • Currency support has not yet been fully implemented for CSP services