New and Updated Features

Microsoft O365 CSP annual billing cycle

Support for Microsoft O365 CSP subscriptions with annual payment was added to billing report. This enables a user to view annual subscriptions in the billing report. A new column named Billing Cycle indicates if a subscription is annual or monthly.

When a new subscription is created, the user can select either Monthly or Annual billing cycle. The price for the annual billing cycle is monthly X 12.

Subscription renewal and cancellation controls

Management for subscription renewals and cancellation was implemented for Service Providers, Custom Services, and Seller Services. The new feature allows a user to define what should happen when a subscription is due for renewal. Available options are:

  • Automatic renewal until cancelled
  • Automatic cancellation at the end of the subscription period
  • Change Product - 

The change product allows a Service Provider to start a customer on one product and then automatically switch the customer over to a different product. This useful feature can be used for different purposes, for instance, to give the customer an introductory offer or to move a customer from annual to a monthly subscription.

The Service Provider can also control how cancellations happen, with the following options:

  • Cancel subscription at the end of the subscription period
  • Cancel Subscription immediately

There is also an option to manage the cancel action of either:

  • Manually delete the subscription
  • Automatically delete the subscription

The manually delete subscription means the subscription will be left as is and needs to be removed by the service provider. The automatically delete means the subscription will be deleted from Cloudmore system and trigger the delete subscription action (either through email or Service Connector API).

The Service Provider can also control renewal notifications and choose when these should be sent out. A new email template solution, located under the Service Provider menu, allows the Service Provider to create custom email templates that can be applied for different products. After selecting ‘Add template’ the user adds text and insert variable fields:

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Notification Email
  • Service Name
  • Subscription Name
  • Subscription Period
  • Subscription Cost
  • Subscription End Date (To be added soon)
  • Days Left of Subscription (To be added soon)

Allow Organizations with the same name

Previously an Organization name in the platform had to be unique. This requirement spanned all Service Providers and Enterprises. This requirement has now been removed as we introduced a Display Name and Unique Name. The Display Name is visible in the platform. The Unique Name is hidden and stored to allow non-unique organization names.

The requirement for unique domain name still applies, unless you are creating organizations under an enterprise organization where you can share domains between multiple organizations.

Legacy division property in billing reports

For Service Providers that used the ‘division’ feature in the old Cloudmore control panel, we added a column in the billing reports that displays the division name for a customer. Keep in mind that divisions is a feature that is obsolete and no other management capabilities will be added.

Vmware vCloud removal update

The procedure to remove a virtual data center in VMware vCloud has been updated. With the new procedure, everything is automatically removed once a user initiates the removal procedure. Previously a user had to remove the components before the virtual data center could be removed.

New Addon Type for Custom Services

This applies both to Service Provider Custom Services and Seller Services. When you create an add-on for a product, there is a new option under "Price Per." The new option is named "Customer selected quantity" and allows the customer to specify an amount for the add-on when it is created. Previous options allowed the quantity to be set 1 per subscription or quantity of the subscription. The new options allow for support for more types of add-ons.

Bug Fixes

Bug No. Area Description
10690 Microsoft O365 Price changes were not applied in billing report
10361 Connected Backup Backup status in reports was only displayed as a status number.
10363 Cloudmore DNS Added support for Unicode domains.
10402 Hosted Exchange Fixed an issue with creating a distribution list if an Exchange contact existed with the same email address.
10639  GUI Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer where a text box could not be selected.
10647  Groups User group filter didn’t work for newly created user groups.
10555  Billing Margin calculator for custom service did not calculate correct margin.
10640  Microsoft O365 Fixed issue with generating passwords on the export of users. 
10894  Microsoft O365 Create organization from tenant gave an Object reference null error. 
10808  Microsoft Azure   Billing invoice totals differ for some customer.s 
10806  Microsoft Azure  Billing details pie chart not loaded correctly under certain circumstances.
10682  Microsoft O365 Fixed issue where some customers couldn't export users.
10750  Microsoft O365 Fixed issue where historical prices could not be found.
10764 Hosted SharePoint  Fixed issue with an error message when viewing site details.
10757 Hosted Exchange Fixed issue where delete alias email address did not work as intended.
 10840   Custom Services   Hide option to set start and end date for monthly subscriptions.