New and updated features

10762 – New billing report

The new billing report allows a user to mix all services including Cloudmore, custom services, and Microsoft CSP in the same report.

The release also includes a service selector control, this provides a search function for services, adding them to the report.

11467 – Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Subscription renewal report

The Microsoft O365 CSP Direct service has been added to the subscription renewal report, with the further enhancement of new controls making it easier to find and select one or more services.

12234,12699 – Quote tool update

Developments have been made to the quote tool functionality. Quotes are now listed on a separate page that enables a user to view active quotes. It also allows a user to set a status of either Sent, Accepted, Declined or Cancelled.

The new quote page will allow you to create new quotes or edit an existing quote. the option to add Microsoft O365 CSP Direct products with annual payments are now supported in the quote tool.

12280 - Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Supporting add-ons on addons We have now added support for this scenario where Microsoft O365 CSP Direct product add-ons may also have additional add-ons.

12566 – Submit feedback update

The number of options in the feedback form has been reduced to Bug/Support and Feature requests. If Bug/Support is selected the user can rate the level of urgency: High, Medium or Low

12394 – Organization agreement

It’s now possible for a reseller to add an agreement/terms and conditions that all organizations must sign. When a user of an organization signs in, the platform will verify if the organization has already signed the current agreement. If not, the user will be redirected to the sign-agreement wizard. The agreement functionality can be found under Manage Organizations > Agreements. At the top, there is a button to enable/disable the functionality. Older versions of an agreement will be kept.

12098 – Custom service product order

A ‘Product List Priority’ has been added to a custom service product.

This gives users the ability to sort products by number, in ascending order

If the same numbers are assigned to more than one product, the product will then be sorted alphabetically. If no priority number is assigned to a product; the products will be sorted alphabetically after products with priority number.

12688 – Educational SSO removed from branded login

The Educational Single Sign-On displayed on the login screen as "Login via your home institution" will be hidden by default from branded resellers. If a reseller wants to enable the Education SSO, it can be turned on in the Security Center.

12692 – New "Limited" Key Account Manager role

A new Reseller administrator role has been added with name Limited Key Account Manager. The new role is the same as the Key Account Manager but without the right to enable, disable or change any approval process settings.

 The following bugs have been fixed:

* 12501 – HOTFIX 2.41.9: Credit card payment validation exception.

* 12397 – Custom Services – Service logo not displayed.

* 12318 – Microsoft Azure – CSV billing file missing file extension.

* 12311 – Microsoft Azure – Add both Cloudmore and Microsoft customer numbers to export.

* 12281 – Approval Process – Show both old and new quantity value.

* 12447 – Custom Services – Set margin for all products not working.

* 12305 – Microsoft Azure – Date picker modal does not close when you select other report option.

* 12496 – Dashboard – Recommended for you section has been removed from the Reseller dashboard.

* 12597 – Seller – Can't unpublish service from a region.

* 12259 – Custom Services – Logo not displayed in edit modal.

* 12721 – HOTFIX 2.41.8: Key Account Manager customer selections not working with several accounts.

* 12777 – Microsoft O365 CSP Direct – Timeout issue when running billing report.

* 12706 – HOTFIX 2.41.16: Reseller dashboard sales by service widget does not show CSP or Azure b