New and updated features 

11587 Provisioning log for custom services

The platform now includes a provisioning log for custom services, displaying a summary of all provisioning events created for a service. A user can mark a provisioning event as done.

The provisioning log is found under Logs in the left-hand menu.

12698 Quote Tool update

New Updates to the Quote Tool

The quote tool now includes a free text field.  As part of the header the text field can be used to include the terms and conditions. A user can include a link to the quote, where the quote can be Approved or Declined by the customer in the platform.

2.50.12829 Microsoft CSP Azure margin update

The Microsoft Azure margin page now includes an ‘Active Date’.  This enables a broker to set a date in which a new margin will go live.  There is also a new history button that allows you to see previous changes made to the Azure Margin. Active Date and history can be set and displayed for multiple organizations or an individual organization.

2.50.12830 Microsoft CSP – Link all tenants

It’s now possible for a broker to link all tenants on the Link Tenant page. The “Auto create and link” button will create Cloudmore organizations for all Microsoft tenants.

2.50.12007 Microsoft CSP – Billing export includes payment frequency

A column that displays payment frequency (Billing Cycle) has been added to the export feature for the Microsoft CSP billing page.

2.50.12685 Security Center for sellers

The Security center that allows a user to setup notifications to identify authentication and IP filtering are now available to sellers.

2.51.12092 Microsoft CSP – Limit products

The platform now has the option to limit the Microsoft O365 CSP products an organization can view and choose from. In utilizing this feature, a CSP partner can choose the type of products that should be available, for example; Enterprise, Small Business, NonProfit, Educational and trial. The CSP Partner can also select the exact products that the user should be able to see.

2.50.8538 Log – Price changes saved in log

 We now capture all price changes in the event log.


The following bugs has been fixed:

  • 12832 – Price List – Search no longer case sensitive
  • 12835 – Quote Tool – Fixed issue with Microsoft CSP partners who buys CSP in different currency
  • 12931 – Microsoft CSP Azure – User gets removed from billing page
  • 12538 – Dashboard – Pie chart looks broken in Internet Explorer 11
  • 12865 – Dashboard – Fixed issue with webcalled failed
  • 12850 – Billing Report – Fixed an issue with corrupt Excel file
  • 13037 – Custom Service – New services now shown in the list until page refresh
  • 12973 – Security Center – CSB admin login notifications not sent unless 2 factor enabled
  • 12987 – Organization Agreement – Update wizard shows Cloudmore logo for branded resellers
  • 12972 – Price list – Update price with update button not working
  • 13183 – Quote tool – Custom service minimal quantity not applied