Cloudmore 2.52 Release Notes

11727 Scheduled email reports

Many users will run the same reports every month for billing. To make this process easier, the user can now set up a scheduled report where they can choose how often and when a report is run. We have also added the option to run the report and have an email notification sent once this is complete. Thousands of records can take time to generate. This new functionality therefore increases the user friendliness of our systems. In this first version, we have added the functionality to the overall billing report. It will be added to more reports going forward.

6253 Message Center

The new Message Center allows a user to see all of their notifications in a convenient way. A new message icon has been added to the top right corner, indicating if new messages are available. When a user clicks the icon, a short list of the last five messages will be displayed, allowing the user to open these without leaving the page. The Message Center will automatically read where the user is in the platform and will only display relevant notifications. If a broker goes into an organization, notifications for the organization will be shown, for example. 

11592 Price list page update

The price-list page has been updated to make it easier and quicker to work with. Custom services are now on the same pages as other services. Filters have been added to only show products that are currently being sold, or to show products where the price has been changed from the default sales price setting.

13131 Overall billing report dates

The overall billing report has been updated to display the date the billing data was generated on. For Microsoft CSP services, this means the data will display on the partner’s billing date (set by Microsoft).

Bugs and smaller fixes

· 12840 Fixed: Required fields when importing organizations are now clearly marked.

· 12183 [Hotfix 2.48.2] Fixed: Microsoft CSP price tag issue in e-store.

· 12961 [2.51] Fixed: issue where large organization import was slow.

· 13196 Fixed: issue where wrong price was displayed for custom services in organization price-list.

· 13182 Fixed: issue with administering resources for Microsoft Exchange.