Cloudmore 3.100 Release Notes

We will release Cloudmore 3.100 on 3 March 2023. Here are the top updates from this release:

New features and improvements

  • We updated our internal tools (upgraded to Azure Function v4), which will significantly reduce billing errors and improve the scheduling and overall performance of the billing reports. 
  • We improved the user interface and performance of the General Billing Report to prioritize the billing of Microsoft NCE and Azure products. NCE and Azure are now grouped when selecting the services to be displayed in the report, and the billing data for both will load faster.
  • Cloudmore Self-Service: For brokers who've enabled the branding option, their self-serving customers will now see the broker's favicon as the platform logo. 
  • Platform translations: Based on the feedback received on the platform translation in other languages, we fixed some primary issues and are incrementally reviewing and improving the quality with help of translation experts.

Issues/bugs fixes

We fixed the following:

  • Errors in Azure subscription API response

  • Errors in Price List API

  • Issues with create/update products API

  • Error when running Renewals Report

  • Cost price issues for NCE Dynamics SKUs

  • Issues when updating NCE subscriptions

  • Issues with approval requests API

  • Some permissions issues

  • Issues with removing custom properties from service

  • Sync issues with CSP Indirect and Exchange

  • Sending renewal notification emails when disabled

  • Import manual billing lines excel import

  • Issue where negative value was allowed for trial days