Cloudmore 3.67 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.67 on 6 May 2022.

Here are the top highlights from this release:

New features and improvements

  • Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscriptions - We made several improvements to the NCE subscription management:

    • Implemented country-based cost prices in the price list that will be updated every month in the applicable currencies.

    • Added more flexibility in selecting subscription period and payment frequency.

    • Improved the UI consistency in the Price List and NCE Subscription pages.

  • API improvements

    • GET subscriptions API call (/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/azureplan/subscriptions) can now return entitlements.

    • Multiple subscriptions can now be assigned to a single user via API for custom services.

    • We’ve made changes to the minimum and maximum quantity restrictions. 

Legacy Updates

Outdated F-secure integration has been disabled and customers have been migrated to the new and improved version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with Billing report API.

  • Fixed the error where users were unable to suspend/cancel NCE subscriptions.