Cloudmore 3.71 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.71 on 26 May 2022. Here are the top updates from the release:

Features and improvements

  • Added the friendly subscription names for Microsoft NCE and legacy subscriptions in the Cost Center report.

  • Improved the efficiency of Microsoft NCE pro-rated billing invoice by consolidating various line items.

  • Implemented advanced cache for certain product pages to improve site performance and security.

API Updates

  • Title and roleId fields are now mandatory for the POST request: /api/sellers/:sellerId/SellerAdministrators that creates new administrators for sellers.

  • Title and roleId field are now mandatory for the POST request /api/resellers/{resellerId}/ResellerAdministrators that creates new administrators for resellers.

  • Added primary domain field for GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/Organizations and GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/Organizations/{id} APIs

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an error where the expiry message was incorrectly displayed on the Subscription Overview page despite canceling auto-renewal.

  • Fixed the wrong margins showing up on the Edit Subscription page that occurred due to date miscalculation.

  • Corrected the verbiage in an API call error message that displayed “job title” instead of “first name”.

  • The pro-rated billing option was being incorrectly displayed as an option for metered products.

  • The annual payment frequency option was incorrectly listed as an option under the monthly products.

  • Some Add ons were not available for selection in the Edit Subscription window.