Cloudmore 3.75 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.75 on 14 June, 2022.

Here are the top updates from the release:

New features and improvements

  • New branding - We have updated our logo, icon, and general branding to reflect the Cloudmore ideology of “Simple, Powerful, Beautiful”. The new branding can be viewed on our platform, website, and other communications.

  • Improved the Price List functionality for Addon services by including more data points like subscription terms and payment frequencies.

  • Updated SKUs in the Price List for a Telco customer to support them through the Microsoft NCE journey.

  • Added the Subscription Friendly Name to the Cost Center and Billing Report for Microsoft Legacy subscriptions to avoid any confusion regarding the product and its corresponding subscriptions as there can be more than one subscription created within the same product.

  • Improved the performance of several Microsoft o365 pages including the Service Overview, Subscriptions, Licenses, Users, and Tenant Linking pages.

API Changes

  • Improved the Item Code response format for MonthlyBillingPerOrganizationAsync and MonthlyBillingPerOrganization API endpoints.

  • Upgraded PartnerCenter SDK to allow better data synchronisation with Microsoft partner center.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the shortcut menu bar was unavailable for some Microsoft Azure and o365 subscription pages.

  • Fixed an issue where Price List API response was incorrectly showing 0.00 as cost price.

  • Fixed an issue where there was loading error for subscription page for newly created organizations.

  • Fixed an error that occured while trying to edit O365 legacy subscriptions.

  • Fixed some cost price value discrepancies found within canceled billing lines.