Cloudmore 3.77 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.77 on 30 June 2022. Here are the top updates from the release:

NCE Migration Tool

We launched the NCE Migration tool to help our customers seamlessly migrate from the Microsoft Legacy subscriptions to the New Commerce Experience. Brokers can migrate hundreds of subscriptions at a time and track the real-time status of the migration. Check out this walkthrough video to learn more: 

You can also visit our Knowledge Base article to get detailed steps on how to use the migration tool:

Note: Microsoft has indefinitely extended the last date (previously July 11, 2022) for migrating legacy subscriptions to NCE.  Read more here.

Billing Report Improvements

We made several improvements to the Billing Reports UI to make it more useful and accessible to our customers. This includes new NCE billing line items (charge type, period, and start and end dates), consistency within the UI terms, format improvements, regrouping tabular data for better comprehension, and redefining certain billing terminology for more clarity. Check out some of the new terms used in the billing reports: