Cloudmore 3.82 Release Notes

We release Cloudmore 3.82 on 10 August 2022. Here are the updates from the release:

New features and improvements

  • Cloudmore available in a new location - Brokers/Resellers in the Isle of Man can now use Cloudmore.

  • Branding - We’re expanding the new Cloudmore branding across different product pages and features, including the login and Quote Tool experiences.

  • Cloudmore Billing Reports - In our continued efforts to make General Billing and Microsoft Billing reports more useful, we have consolidated the data and removed redundant information for better visualization and comprehension.

  • Billing Improvements - We optimized the billing calculation for Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) items for better accuracy.

Resolved Issues

We fixed the following issues:

  • Subscription-specific price was not showing up in the Edit NCE Subscription price summary.

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Basic for Telco were missing from the Create NCE Subscription view.

  • Some Microsoft prices were missing during billing calculation.

  • Some instances of incorrectly calculated TotalSales for Azure Plan.

  • An unexpected error occurred when accessing the Azure subscriptions page.

  • Users could not delete an empty Custom Service.

  • Azure shortcut tabs were temporarily unavailable.