Cloudmore 3.83 Release Notes

Microsoft NCE and Azure on Cloudmore

  • UI improvements: 
      • We have improved the subscription labels to help users identify NCE and legacy subscriptions.
      • Added a tooltip that explains the waiting time required for a new subscription and other changes to be active.
      • For some customers, it was not clear that the New Total Price shown under the Renewal function was an estimate and that the actual price is subject to changes at a given time. Hence the UI text has been relabelled from "New Total Price" to "New Estimated Total Price."
  • We had an opportunity where credit billing Iines were not displayed correctly on billing reports for prorated costs. But NCE billing will now accurately display billing lines with zero cost and determine if the Sales Price should be positive or negative.
  • We improved the event logging for Azure Usage Report, including events like service publishing, password change, etc.
  • We've excluded invalid and balancing invoices from the list of Microsoft invoices (with statuses shown) and the General Billing Report.

Platform Improvements

We've added the "Last accessed date" column for Broker admin users and Organization users that can help them track the Cloudmore platform usage by their admin accounts.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a performance issue with the Price List functionality.
  • Fixed some issues with branding and logo visuals.
  • Fixed the issue where some fields in the General Billing Report export were incorrectly showing up as zero.
  • Fixed an error where users could not add a seller to a broker account.
  • Aligned Cost Center report prices with subscription prices as there were some data discrepancies.
  • Reorganized the billing data representation in the General Billing Report export when two services have the same name.