Cloudmore 3.90 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.90 on 17 November 2022. Here are the updates from this release:

New features and improvements

  • Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) updates:
    • As part of progressively transitioning to NCE, we have made a change in the subscription management screen for the Microsoft CSP service. Users can now directly create an NCE subscription by clicking the + icon on top of the subscriptions page. This was previously directed to creating a legacy subscription. 
    • To improve consistency and comprehension of NCE and legacy billing reports, we've removed the “CM-O1TIER-” prefix from the billing data.
  • Microsoft Azure Billing Changes: To align with the recent provisioning changes implemented by Microsoft, we have categorized Microsoft Teams Calling plans under the Azure consumption item in the billing reports.
  • Azure Reserved Instances: We completed the in-app translations of the recently launched features to manage Azure Reserved Instances.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a misleading warning message that appeared while upgrading NCE trial licenses. 

  • Fixed some errors with the reseller tags when creating email templates.

  • Fixed an error where the “Last accessed date” was not available for some users.

  • Improved the error messages for CSP APIs.