Cloudmore 3.91 Release Notes

Platform Domain Changes

We are moving our EU platform to an eu subdomain. This means that if you were previously accessing Cloudmore using, then your login will now be on the The will have no changes. We're also moving our public website to main domain. The previous website link will start to redirect to the main public domain.

We request the brokers to implement the following changes:

  • Change the URL in applicable places: Brokers who have hard-coded quick access links or shortcuts for their customers need to change the URL destinations to This means that brokers who have set up some internal bookmarks, shortcuts or other self-service links externally need to update the link.
  • Update Microsoft Authentication token: Customers need to also update their Microsoft Authentication tokens to accommodate this or the app registration remains with Follow the steps in this guide to update the token.

  • SSO enabled users: Single Sign On (SSO) users who use the domain need to reconfigure some SSO settings as part of the domain change. Brokers can either a) Reconfigure an old SSO application OR b) Create a new application and use that for SSO login. For detailed steps on how to update SSO, check out our PDF guide here.

As we understand that this could be a significant change, brokers can continue using the old URL ( until they implement the above changes. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact the support team for more details.

Updates to the Cloudmore Quote Tool

We've made several improvements to the Cloudmore Quote Tool at the broker and organziation levels:

  • Improved the formatting of Product Name

  • Included Payment Frequency in the quotes

  • Clearer column names and order

  • Fixed the issue where subscription period was always showing “Monthly”

  • Removed the Annual payment frequency checkbox and replaced it with actual product and annual payment frequency

Resolved Issues

  • The API for seller subscriptions now returns the correct error code.

  • Brokers can now get seller-defined products via API as well.

  • Resolved the issue where newly created Brokers were not assigned a Customer Number.