Cloudmore 3.93 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.93 on 6 December 2022. Here are the updates from the release:

New/updated Features

  • If the Approvals process is enabled, including “Trigger only on new subscriptions,” then the process will the triggered on these events:

    • NCE subscription upgrade

    • Convert NCE trial to paid subscription

    • Always on renewals

  • Added extra explanation to “Trigger only on new subscriptions”

  • Extra security for cookie property management for MFA

Issues/bugs fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the scheduled subscription doesn’t update after the renewal request approval

  • Fixed the issue where the subscription was not upgraded even though the approval process was approved

  • Fixed API error for Seller level consumption request

  • Fixed Seller level API security issues

  • Fixed issues with organization mass import via CSV

  • Fixed the issue for reseller level subscriptions export