Cloudmore 3.94, 3.95 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.94 on December 15 2022 and 3.95 on 22 December 2022. Here are the top updates from the releases:

New/updated Features

  • Microsoft AD Sync for Organizations - We've added the ability to map Microsoft users to Cloudmore Organizations users.

  • We made the following changes to the Approval Process: 
    • Creating trials will trigger the approval process

    • However, if trial changes to paid subscription (or is converted manually) will not trigger additional approvals

    • We have improved the syntax of labels

Resolved Issues

  • Re-implemented the redirect from → if user doesn’t have any cookies set

  • Fixed the permissions for Azure Reserved Instances page for Organization users

  • Fixed the issue where NCE Subscription-specific sales price was resetting each month for monthly subscription billing

  • Fixed the issue where Microsoft Billing Report was not visible in the UI when requested

  • Fixed the issue where Microsoft CSP Indirect gave an error when trying to place an order

  • With the subscription PUT API request, it’s now possible to set the quantity to 0 for metered products

  • Fixed issue where the General Billing Report was not delivered to the email adresses

  • Fixed issues with Azure usage data sync and report generation