Cloudmore 3.96, 3.97, 3.98 Release Notes

We released Cloudmore 3.96 (19 January 2023), 3.97 (24 January 2023), and 3.98 (28 January 2023).

New/updated Features

  • Cost Centers are now included under NCE subscription renewals.

  • Removed Cancel and Suspend options for NCE trial subscriptions.

Issues/bugs fixes

  • Removed the default NCE price lists and reverting only to country-based price lists

  • Removed the error of showing “Cannot set future dates” in Azure price adjustments

  • Removed unnecessary zero’s from totalResellerPrice in API response

  • Permissions fix for Organization level Azure AD Sync

  • Solved the issue that header quick links for CSP services disappeared

  • Solved the error that was being shown on Microsoft Customer Agreement which was blocking seeing the page

  • Solved the issue where updating a user’s phone number or username was faulty

  • Solved an issue for E-Store and Quote tool pages loading

  • Many smaller API and Webhook fixes

  • Fixed the issue where cloning a product didn’t clone the minimum quantity of the product

  • Fixed error responses for APIs and webhooks

  • Removed obsolete API fields(isResellerCustomService; isSellerCustomService) from API responses:

    • /api/resellers/{resellerId}/services

    • /api/resellers/{resellerId}/services/{id}

    • /api/resellers/{resellerId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions

  • Fixed the error message that was being shown on subscription renewals report for Key Account Manager and Sales Agent

  • Ability to set enforce trial for customer service products without enabling the trial itself

  • Fixes for webhooks