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Edit NCE Subscription on Cloudmore

You can edit the details of an NCE subscription you created on Cloudmore. However, the number of licenses cannot be edited 7 days after creating a subscription.

To edit a subscription:

  1. Log into your Cloudmore Broker account.

  2. Under Manage Organizations on the left navigation pane, select Organizations.

  3. In the organization list that appears, select the applicable organization for which you want to add the NCE subscription. 

  4. On the left navigation pane, click My Services.
  5. From the list of services, select the Microsoft 365 CSP Direct service.
  6. In the Microsoft 365 CSP Direct page, click Subscriptions.
  7. Locate the subscription you want to edit and click the Actions dropdown to the right of the subscription.
  8. Select Edit in the dropdown.
  9. Edit the required fields.
  10. Click Update to save changes.