Export Datto Autotask Companies to Cloudmore

After you set up your Cloudmore account, you need to import the existing organizations from Datto to Cloudmore. You can use the bulk import functionality to add multiple organizations or add individual organizations. However, you first need to customize the functionality to add the Account ID as one of the mandatory fields.

To add the Company ID field:

  1. Login to the Cloudmore platform.

  2. Click Broker on the left navigation menu, select Settings > Customer Custom Properties.

  3. Click +Add.

  4. In the Add custom property screen, provide the below details:

  • Select textbox under Type.

  • Type “AutotaskCompanyID” in the Name field.

  • Select the Organization property checkbox.

5. Click Create.

To bulk import the organizations:

Once you add the custom field, you need to prepare the file for bulk import:

  1. Collect the necessary information from the Autotask portal:

    • Login to your Autotask account.

    • In the Account list screen, click Export > In Import template Format.n the Cloudmore homepage, click Organizations in the left navigation menu and select Import from the dropdown. Note: Follow the steps below to complete the bulk import action on Cloudmore. Alternatively, you can also choose to contact Cloudmore support and share the the list of organizations who will complete the import action on your behalf.

  2. Click Organizations in the Cloudmore homepage and select Import from the dropdown.

  3. Select the file format of your choice (csv, xml, xlsx).

  4. Under Multiple organizations form, select the number of rows based on how many organizations you want to add.

  5. Click Generate rows.

  6. Prepare the import file using the format and add all the organization details.

  7. Click Create/Import Organizations. The file downloads automatically.

  8. Click Choose file and upload the file.

  9. Click Import file.

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