How do I use the Cloudmore Quote Tool?

Cloudmore now give the reseller the ability to provide a quote for an organization to provision products from the Marketplace Services offered

To Create a Quote

Login to Cloudmore and go to Broker menu > Manage organizations > Quote Tool and click Create Quote

The user is then presented with the Create Quote screen with a number of sections that should be completed

Customer information

Organization: From the dropdown menu choose the Organization that should receive this quote

Contact Person: The dropdown list will present a list of the chosen organizations administrators, chose one person as the contact person for this quote

Add product/service

Service: Choose a service from the drop-down menu, all services in the reseller's marketplace will be offered

Product: Choose a product by clicking on it, the round button beside the product will turn blue

Quantity: Use the dropdown list to choose the number of licenses to be quoted for

Annual payment frequency: Tick the checkbox to provide a quote for one year rather than the monthly cost

The detail for the item to be quoted is shown,

Your price relates to the cost to the reseller and will not be included in the quote to the organization

Customer Price: The monthly or annual cost to the customer if the product is to be purchased

Margin: The margin applied to the cost price to create the customer price

Press Add to Quote to add the product

This process is repeated for all services and products to be added to the quote

The Quote

As products are added the quote is created below and can be viewed or edited

Edit header

Click here to change the contact name, phone, and email detail of the quote originator
The user can also change the quote reference and how many days the quote is valid for

The user is also presented with an opportunity to add free text into the emailed quote, this can be formatted using the commands within the text box

Press Save Header to save to quote

Items can be viewed line by line and if required removed by clicking in the Bin icon beside the item line

Press Save Quote to store quote or Email quote to send this to the chosen recipient immediately.

The user is presented with options to enter the recipient email address, a subject line and attach a link in the email that will redirect the recipient to the Cloudmore Platform to accept or reject the quote

A free text is available to add and format content in the main body of the email, a default message to review the quote is included

Click Send e-mail

Receiving a Quote

Your organization can receive and view a quote in multiple areas

Via email: The email recipient included above will receive the quote to their inbox in the form of a downloadable PDF

Once viewed the user can click on Approve/Decline quote which will redirect to the Cloudmore Platform where they can process the decision for the quote

From the Notification icon within the Cloudmore Platform.

Click on Approve/Decline quote which will redirect to the Approvals menu option where they can process the decision for the quote

Approving/Declining the Quote
From the Organization menu go to Organization > Quote Tool

Once the Quote Tool menu has been accessed the user is presented with a list of quote showing when the quote was created, who created the quote, the value and expiration of the quote and the decision

Click on Show only active quotes to view quotes that are still within their expiration date

Click on the Actions icon to open and review the quote and navigate to the bottom and press Accept or Decline

Reseller Review of a Quote

Go to Cloud Service Broker menu and go to Manage organizations>Quote tool and press View quotes

Click Show only active quotes to view quotes that have not expired

The list of quotes can be sorted by Organization, Quote Reference, date created, Created by, Quote value, Expiration date, Status and Decision

The Action icons allow the reseller to

change Status of the quote

View the quote

Copy the link to the customer

Delete the quote