How do I create Manual Billing Lines in Cloudmore?

Manual Billing Lines allow a Broker to submit billing records from an external source into Cloudmore. Lines are created for either Broker or Organization) and can be attached to either a Service, a Product, or a Subscription

Creating the Billing Lines

From the Broker menu go to Billing > Manual Billing Lines and open the screen to be presented with the options for entry


An import file can be created in.CSV, XLSX or XML formats. Click the required file type on screen to download the desired format of the file 


Complete the file as required eg. XLSX and save 


Use the Upload File option to complete the posting by pressing Read File


Manually add billing lines 

Choose the number of manual billing lines you wish to create and press Generate Rows


You will then be presented with the lines to be created


Enter data for all lines ensuring that those columns in red are completed, these are mandatory and cannot be posted if blank 

When you have chosen an organization to enter the billing line for the choices will be filtered for the services they use and the products they have in each service 

When a service has been chosen the Attach To option will be filtered for Service, Subscription, or Product and the Attach Item will then be filtered. If the user chooses Service they are offered the Service name, Subscription will show the individual subscription lines and the Product will display individual products even if contained over multiple subscriptions.


Press Create/Import Billing Lines to Post


Term Action Mandatory
Organization Enter one from the dropdown list Yes
Billing date Enter the date that this will appear on the billing report Yes
Service Choose Service from the dropdown list Yes
Attach to Choose from the dropdown of Service, Subscription, or Product Yes
Attach Item   Yes
Quantity Enter the number of items to be billed  Yes
Cost Price/Unit The cost price per unit of the product Yes
Sales price/unit The sales price per unit of the product Yes
Currency code The currency unit to be billed  No
Note Any manual text notes  No


Viewing Manual Billing Lines

Lines that have been added can be viewed in the Total Billing Report. Go to the Broker Menu and then go to Billing > Billing Report

Set your Billing parameters ensuring the date of posting and service is included, and run the report

The lines can be viewed when you drill into the report