How do I limit the products customers can see in Cloudmore?

Cloudmore now gives the reseller the ability to limit products in the O365 service, only displaying allowed products in the subscription provisioning screens. The Limited Product list can be applied to all organizations or individual organizations

Applying Limited Products to all Organizations

If the limit product function has been applied at the Broker level and new organizations will automatically inherit the limit product list applied at this level

Login into Cloudmore and from Broker Menu > My Services > Microsoft O365 CSP Direct then click Limit Products

Click on Activate to display the Products which are categorized into groups. Use the drop-down option to display the O365 Product Group and choose the group you wish to amend.
A search filter is also available if you wish to find a specific item

Use the checkbox in the Product List to indicate items that you wish to be available for provisioning

Use the Select All checkbox at the top of the list if all products in this group are to be                    displayed

Go through each list and once completed press the Update button

Groups with no boxes ticked will not display

When adding a New Subscription only groups with active products will be offered on screen and only those products that have been ticked
To make all Products available press De-Activate on the Limit Products screen

Applying Limited Products to a specific Organization

 Login into Cloudmore and from Broker Menu>Manage Organizations>Organizations

Choose an Organization

From the Organization menu go to My Services>Microsoft O365 CSP Direct then click Limit Products

Follow Steps 1-4 above to manage the Limit Products feature