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NCE Migration Report

NCE Migration Report helps you to prepare for the migration of Microsoft 365 Legacy subscriptions to New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscriptions. The email report provides consolidated and organizational level data on which subscriptions are eligible for migration, what will be the price and quantity changes, why some subscriptions can’t be moved under NCE, and other subscription details.

To generate NCE Migration Report:

  1. Login to your Cloudmore broker account.

  2. Click My Services on the left navigation menu.

  3. From the My Services list, select Microsoft 365 CSP Direct.

  4. On the Microsoft 365 CSP Direct page, scroll down and click Migrate to New Commerce Experience.

  5. Under the Migration report section, enter the Email Address where you want to receive the report.

  6. Under Organizations, select All organizations or the specific organization for which you want to receive the report.

  7. Click Send report.