Release Notes: 2.62

New and Updated Features

  • 15616: Switch from action buttons to a drop-down menu

Release screenshot March Action buttons found in lists have been replaced with a drop-down action menu instead. This will make the different options easier to navigate.

  • 16759: SSO – Update SSO solution

The Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution has been updated and can now handle more scenarios and automatic sign-in. If you are interested in Cloudmore SSO, please contact

  • 15327: Custom Services – Subscription Trial Report

A new report has been added to show all subscriptions that are currently being trialed. A cloud service broker will be able to see which organizations have an active trial running and how many days are left for the trial period.

  • 17054: Message Center – Mark all messages as ‘read’

The Message Center page has been updated in this release and now allows a user to mark all unread emails as ‘read’. This quickly changes all existing messages to ‘read’ making unopened messages easier to see.

  • 17070: My Services – Make service name clickable

On the 'My Services page' (only visible if you have more than 10 services), the service names are now clickable to make the page more user-friendly.

  • 16921: Microsoft CSP – Support for organization service agreement

A cloud service broker may now add an organization service agreement for Microsoft CSP O365 and Azure. Organizations will need to approve the agreement each time a service is added, or the agreement is updated. The new functionality is found on the 'Agreement' tab of the Microsoft CSP 0365 Direct and Microsoft Azure service.

  • 14464: Custom Services – Show detailed price information

When you add or edit a subscription for a custom service, you will now be able to view a breakdown of the price where add-ons are summarized separately.

  • 16929: Cloud Service Broker – Send admin credentials by email

It is now possible to automatically generate and e-mail credentials when you create a new cloud service broker admin account. This functionality is similar to the functionality we have for organization users.

  • 15332: General – Update import user feature

The ‘import organization’ user page has been updated. Email address fields are now the same as when you create users manually, i.e. mandatory. A new option has also been added that allows for each credential to be sent straight to the new user’s email address.

  • 15449: Feature/Bug Button

We have moved where you find the request a feature/report bug. Click the question mark at the top of the page and a side panel will slide out from the right and required links will be available.

We will also add additional useful information here to help you use Cloudmore.

  • 17189: New wizard colors

On first login, and whenever there is a new agreement to sign, the user will be sent to a wizard page. In this release the wizard pages have been updated with a white background to better work with different branding and theme colors.

  • 17007: Cloudmore API Update - Note: These changes break the existing API 

Cloudmore has made a few updates to our API. While we always strive not to make breaking changes to the API, in certain circumstances we need to. We have already communicated this to our existing API users to ensure there is not negative impact on their environment.

In this release, two methods; MonthlyBillingPerOrganizationDetails and MonthlyBillingPerProduct have been removed. The functionality of the MonthlyBillingPerOrganizationDetails method has been moved to MonthlyBillingPerOrganization.

The following changes have been made to MonthlyBillingPerOrganization and MonthlyBillingPerService:

  • The Url parameter ‘includeCustomServices=[true|false]’ is not supported anymore. The custom services are part of the report by default.
  • A new, optional Url parameter ‘currencyCode=[currencyCode]’ has been added. This parameter allows you to convert the report's monetary values into the desired currency.
  • Successful response JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects have been added for both methods. MonthlyBillingPerOrganizationViewModel and MonthlyBillingPerServiceViewModel have been re-factored to represent report data with more detail. For any response object structure and naming changes, please refer to the latest REST API Swagger documentation ( 

MonthlyBillingPerOrganization and MonthlyBillingPerService also now contain Microsoft O365 CSP Direct and Microsoft Azure CSP billing data.

Methods SnapshotReportPerOrganizationDetails and SnapshotReportPerProduct have been removed. The functionality of the SnapshotReportPerOrganizationDetails method has been moved to SnapshotReportPerOrganization.

The following changes have been made to SnapshotReportPerOrganization and SnapshotReportPerService:

  • The Url parameter ‘includeCustomServices=[true|false]’ is no longer supported. The custom services are part of the report by default.
  • The new optional Url parameter ‘currencyCode=[currencyCode]’ has been added allowing you to convert the report's monetary values into the desired currency.
  • Successful response JSON objects for both SnapshotReportPerOrganizationDetailViewModel and SnapshotReportPerServiceViewModel have been re-factored to represent report data with more detail. For any response object structure and naming changes, please refer to the latest REST API Swagger documentation

NOTE: Microsoft O365 CSP Direct and Microsoft Azure CSP data is not included in the snapshot reports.

  • 11727: Scheduled email reports

Many users will run the same billing reports every month. To make this process easier, users can now set up a scheduled report and choose how frequently it runs. We have also added the option to have the report emailed once the download is complete, saving users time. In this first version we have added the functionality to the overall billing report. It will be added to more reports going forward.

Bugs & Issues

  • 16869: Reports – Fixed issue with sales growth charts and multiple currencies.
  • 17052: Quote Tool – Fixed an issue when a new quote was created.
  • 17030: User Interface – Checkbox buttons are now aligned in the Target Audience tab.
  • 17020: VMWare vCloud – Fixed issue where virtual data centers were not loaded.
  • 17145: SharePoint – Fixed issue when removing SharePoint from organization.
  • 17193: Price List – Fixed issue with updating price for add-ons.
  • 17192: Branded – Fixed issue for branded cloud service brokers where Cloudmore logo was exposed on print agreement during wizard.
  • 17272: Message Center – Changed logic so that organizations won’t get messages about their provisioning events.
  • 17013: Microsoft CSP - Fixed issue where pro-rated sales amounts were incorrectly calculated.
  • 17238: Custom Services - Fixed issue where the service icon was not updated.