Release Notes: 2.65

New and updated features

In this release we have simplified the Azure usage report and we've made setting up Cloud Service Broker (CSB) administrator accounts much easier. We've also improved our price list, and more. Get the full details below.

16928: General – import CSB admins

In this release we have made it possible to import Cloud Service Broker (CSB) administrator accounts. This will make it easier to get started as a CSB.

15076: Custom Services – Make custom text field property mandatory

When you create products for a custom service, it is now possible to mark a custom property text field as mandatory to make sure that the buying organization completes the field at the point of purchase.

17401: Price List – Add cost column when you edit organization specific prices

Previously you could not see the cost price when you edited prices for a specific organization. With this release, the cost price will be shown, but it can’t be edited.

17057: Microsoft CSP Azure – New simplified usage report

The Azure usage report has been simplified to improve the performance around the usage data. Usage data is now presented in the same period as the billing dates and will show as a summary of the period but still with tags and resource names. Note that usage data may not reconcile with billing data.

Bugs & Issues

  • 17319: Approval Process - Fixed the issue with approval process that gave null reference error