Release Notes: January 2020

We have deployed some great new features in January. This document highlights the biggest changes. Get in touch with our customer team if you would like more information or a personal demonstration.


Single Sign-On: Boost security by restricting user access

We have added a new Single Sign On (SSO) option enabling brokers and organizations to enforce users to use SSO. This toggle feature prevents users from using their own usernames and passwords to login and is particularly useful when managing access around leavers.

Security center with frame

Export Organization Administrators

Brokers can now export the profile details for organization admins, including  their name, role, e-mail, and cell-phone number. This information can be imported to other business systems to share important Cloudmore related updates, or for marketing, sales, or support purposes.    

You can find the Organizations Admin report in the Broker reports menu:

Reports with frame

Accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement in Cloudmore

From February 1, 2020, CSP partners will not be able to make new purchases or change quantities/renew existing licenses without completing and accepting the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA).

Cloudmore now supports the new MCA, enabling brokers to accept it in Cloudmore on behalf of customers, or customers can be given the option to sign the agreement in the platform themselves.

Both the Broker and the Organization will see the box below if they have not accepted the MCS in Cloudmore or the Partner Center when accessing the Office365 or Azure subscription pages.

MCA with frame

We aim to list the details of all of the organizations that have signed the MCA in the Cloudmore log file in an upcoming release. We will also add a report so that brokers can export this information.

Billing: We now support general organization discounts

Brokers can now set an organization-specific percentage discount that can be applied across every service for that organization.

Org discount 1

Org discount 2

org discount 3

New API Calls:

We have added/updated two new API calls this month:

  1. Organizations can assign O365 subscriptions (licenses) to their users using the new API. This is useful for Brokers who are using a third-party service management solution.
  2. The monthlyBillingPerOrganization API call was updated to include the ServiceId and ProductId.

Enhanced reporting performance

We launched an update to our reporting engine to improve the performance of the reports available in the platform.

The development team has also been stamping out bugs.