Release Notes: June 2019

Find out how we’ve refined the management of Microsoft Azure and O365, and check out our latest updates to Custom Services. We’ve also created a brand-new admin role for your teams! 

Custom Services: Limit an organization to one subscription only
In certain cases, you may want to stop an organization from creating more than one subscription for the same service. This forces a customer/organization to adjust their existing subscription without creating a new one.

Cloudmore now has a setting on all custom services that, when enabled, prevents organizations from creating multiple subscriptions for a service.

Custom Services: Cloudmore now displays deleted subscriptions
A new option has been added to the subscription view that allows a user to display deleted subscriptions across all services.

General: Introduction of a new Sales Agent admin role
A new admin role has been added for Cloud Service Brokers. The new Sales Agent role is similar to the Key Account Manager role, where you assign organization groups to the user. In this new role, the Sales Agent can view sales prices but cannot see any cost prices or margins, or update any prices. 

Microsoft Azure CSP Direct: Usage report update
We have removed the usage report from the Azure billing page. This makes it clearer to partners that usage data is not invoice data. You can find and download usage data at the organization level.

Azure: ‘Entitlement ID’ added
Azure usage data may contain duplicates when a subscription comes from a Microsoft Proof of Concept. To resolve this, we have added Entitlement IDs. If several subscriptions share the same Entitlement ID this highlights that they may be duplicates and the data may require further processing.

General: Quicker navigation to service subscription pages
Users can now easily navigate to each service’s subscription page directly from the ‘My services’ overview page.

Custom Services: Provisioning email notification merge 
We have updated the notification email that confirms that a service or subscription has successfully been set up in custom services. Previously, the person adding the service would receive an e-mail confirmation for every user, which could result in a very large number of confirmation emails. Now, we only send one email confirmation which includes all user account details. For REST API provisioning actions, we will continue to send one call per user account. 

Microsoft CSP O365: Added purchase order number in billing export 
A new column has been added to the Microsoft CSP O365 billing report export that will show the purchase order number for each subscription. 

Microsoft CSP Direct (Azure): Spending budget levels and automatic suspension 
We have extended the Azure spending budget functionality to enable users to set a bigger range of monthly budget notification levels. Budget notifications can be created for each organization, or they can be set up for each individual subscription. There is also the option to suspend a subscription when the allocated budget has been reached to stop further spending. 

NOTE: Cloudmore relies on data provided by Microsoft for the Azure spending budget. According to Microsoft this data may be delayed by up to 48 hours and is only preliminary data. 

ALSO NOTE: Enabling automatic suspension may result in service disruption, downtime or data loss. Cloudmore takes no responsibilities for any damage caused by the automatic suspension feature. 

Branding: Renewing your SSL certificate 
Functionality has been added to renew the SSL certificate used for a branded URL. This means that a new SSL certificate can be uploaded even if there is an existing certificate in the system.

Our development team has also been stamping out bugs.