Release Notes: May 2019

Brand new API calls for Microsoft services, easier pricing set up, and more. Find out what our team has been working on in this release. 

This month, Cloudmore’s development team has created a brand-new set of API calls that further streamline and simplify the administration of Microsoft Azure and 0365 services, as well as pricing set-up across all products and services. The team has also made it possible for cloud service brokers (CSBs) to add their own Cloud Services Agreement to a seller service.

Get the full details of our latest development work below.

CSBs can create a Cloud Service Agreement for services added through the marketplace

Cloud service brokers can now add an agreement to a marketplace service. The customer will need to sign this agreement to activate the service.

API: Price list functionality in API 

New API calls have been added to allow a cloud service broker to receive and update prices in the price list. This will allow a broker to manage prices from an external system to; either set prices globally, or per customer.

New API calls: 

  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/pricelist
  • PUT /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/pricelist
  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/services/{serviceId}/pricelist
  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/services

Updated API calls: 

  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/OrganizationServices

Renamed to:

  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services 
  • GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/OrganizationServiceSubscriptions

Renamed to:

 GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions 

API: Retrieve Microsoft CSP Direct subscriptions per Organization

Two new API calls have been added that allow Microsoft Azure CSP Direct and Microsoft O365 CSP subscriptions to be retrieved for an organization. 

  • GET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/azure/subscriptions
  • GET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/csp/subscriptions

Full specification can be found in the swagger documentation here.

API: Microsoft Azure CSP Direct Invoice Overview

A new API call has been added that gives a simplified overview of Microsoft Azure Direct invoice data. The new call shows a summary of the invoice cost per organization.

  • GET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/billing/azurereports/InvoiceOverview

Full specification can be found in the swagger documentation here.

Our development team has also been stamping out bugs.