Release Notes: November 2019

Set up subscription renewal notifications for Office 365, enhance custom service meta-data with new custom property functionality, and keep on top of your Office 365 billing reports by getting them sent straight to your inbox. Find all the latest Cloudmore updates here.

Monthly reserved instances payments for Azure

From September 2019, Microsoft rolled out a new monthly billing option for customers and partners to pay for Azure Reserved Instances with more flexibility at no extra cost. Billing in Cloudmore has been updated to support these Reserved Instances monthly payments.

Scheduled Reports: Microsoft O365 reporting

Brokers and organizations can now schedule billing reports for Office365. Previously these reports were exported manually.  

Custom property drop-down and mandatory items

The custom property functionality has been updated to support a drop-down list. This property can be marked as mandatory.

New subscription renewal notifications for Microsoft CSPs

Brokers can now set up single or multiple e-mail notifications to advise customers that their Microsoft subscription is close to renewal. This functionality is also available for custom services.

Cloudmore now supports invoices from your ERP system

Brokers can now use a new API to display external invoices to organizations in Cloudmore.

Authentication token setup now available to access Azure directly

Brokers are required to set up an authentication token to access the Microsoft CSP APIs. Previously, access to all Microsoft services, including Azure was only available under Office 365. Now brokers can set up an authentication token for Azure services separately. The steps to do this are detailed in point three of this guide.

The development team has also been stamping out bugs.