Enable Organization User Sync between Microsoft and Cloudmore

The Microsoft Azure AD Sync functionality in Cloudmore automatically syncs the end user accounts in the Microsoft Partner Center with Cloudmore.

Once the sync is enabled:

  • All Organization user account information in Microsoft will be auto-synced in Cloudmore. This includes the first and last names, job title, account status, and email address of an Organization user.

  • Brokers don’t have to manually create/edit/delete users for the organization accounts in Cloudmore.

  • Organization users can log into Cloudmore using their Microsoft partner credentials and use the Self-Service functionalities, provided the broker has enabled Single Sign On (SSO). Learn more about SSO.

  • The Microsoft User Groups are mapped to their corresponding Cloudmore roles as configured by the broker (refer to Step 6 below).

  • It is a one-way sync where the changes made in the Microsoft portal are synchronized with the Cloudmore data, not vice-versa.

To enable Microsoft Azure AD sync in Cloudmore:

  1. Log into the Cloudmore broker account.

  2. On the left navigation pane, click Manage organizations and select the applicable organization from the list. You’re now directed to the Organization layer.

  3. On the left navigation pane, click My Services and select Microsoft 365 CSP Direct/Microsoft Azure from the list of services.

  4. On the service page, click Microsoft Azure AD Sync.
    azure ad sync

  5. In the Micorosft Azure AD Sync page, select the checkbox next to Enable to enable the sync.

  6. Using the dropdown options, map the Microsoft User Groups to their corresponding roles in Cloudmore to create the users under the applicable groups. Click Save.
    azure ad sync 2

  7. Click Start user synchronisation to complete the process.