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Subscription Renewals - Broker's Guide

Cloudmore allows brokers to manage the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscriptions that are due for renewal after the current subscription period. Subscriptions renewal time is an opportunity for brokers to make various changes to the subscriptions including the price, quantity, and payment terms. We recommend that our customers follow the below step-by-step process to make the most of the renewals.

We recommend the brokers to perform the steps below approximately a month before the renewal date to avoid any errors or last minute changes. Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to the subscriptions after the renewal date has passed.

  1. Review the Subscription Renewal Report
  2. Review and manage the subscription prices
  3. Manage Renewal Settings

Review the Subscription Renewal Report

You can generate a Subscription Renewal report in Cloudmore for subscriptions that are due for renewal and review the details of the pending renewals.

  1. Navigate through Reports > Subscription renewal.
  2. Under Date, select the time range of the upcoming renewals.
  3. Under Services, select Microsoft 365 CSP Direct.
  4. Click Run report.
  5. You'll see a list of subscriptions that are due for renewal for the time period you've selected. Review the details like Subscription Name, quantity, renewal status etc. This will provide you with good insights on how many subscriptions are to be renewed and how to plan the changes ahead of the renewal date.

Check out this video to learn more about Subscription Renewal Reports. As a best practice, additionally, you can also configure renewal notifications that can be sent to other broker admin users so they can prepare for renewals accordingly.  Learn how to setup renewal notifications on Cloudmore.

Review and manage the subscription prices

Brokers can set new prices for the products using the Price List functionality and schedule the price change to be implemented after the renewal. You can also check out this video to learn how to set new prices.

HubSpot Video
  1. Navigate through Billing > Price list.
  2. Under Service, select Microsoft 365 CSP Direct.
  3. Under Product groups, and select the applicable product group or select Search from all product groups.
  4. Select Specify organization and select the applicable organization if you want to manage prices for one specific organization at a time. Leave the box unchecked if you want to manage prices for all organizations you manage.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Click the Actions button across the product and select Edit.

    Note: Alternatively, you can also edit the prices directly in the search list and click Update. (refer to screenshot below) and this will update the prices for new subscriptions from the current month. To schedule the price change specifically for the renewal month, skip to Step 7.  
  7. Under From billing month (refer to the screenshot below), select the month when the subscription will be renewed. If your current susbcription period ends at March 2023, then select April 2023 and the prices will come into effect from April.
  8. Enter the new price in the Sales Price field to be implemented post renewal. Note that you cannot schedule this change for the ongoing month, you can only select the upcoming month for the price change.
  9. Click the + icon and click Proceed in the confirmation popup.
    The new prices will be applied post renewal. Repeat this process for all the products for which you want to change the prices. Learn more about managing prices here.

Manage NCE Subscription Renewal Settings

Brokers can use the Renewal settings towards the end of the subscription period to make any changes to the product, subscription period, and quantity.

Follow the steps below to use the Renewal settings available on Cloudmore:

  1. Log into the Cloudmore account.

  2. Under Manage Organizations on the left navigation pane, select Organizations.

  3. In the organization list that appears, select the applicable organization for which you want to change the renewal settings. 

  4. On the left navigation pane, click My Services.

  5. From the list of services, select the Microsoft 365 CSP Direct service.

  6. In the Microsoft 365 CSP Direct page, click Subscriptions.

  7. Locate the subscription for which you want to manage the renewal and click the Actions dropdown to the right of the subscription.

  8. Select Renewals from the dropdown.

  9. Select the Auto renew checkbox to automatically renew the subscription at the end of the subscription period. If not ticked, the subscription will be canceled at the end of the subscription period, and billing will stop.

  10. The Current product field displays the current product for the subscription.

  11. Under Change product to, select the product you want to switch to after the current subscription period. The list of available products have been defined by Microsoft.

  12. The Current quantity field displays the current number of licenses for the subscription.

  13. Under Change quantity to, enter the number of licenses you want to change to after the current subscription period. This allows you to decrease the number of license, if required.

  14. The Current subscription length field displays the duration of your current subscription. Whatever changes you’ll apply will only be active after this period.

  15. Under Change subscription length, you can set a new subscription length which will be applied after renewal.

  16. The Current payment frequency field displays the duration after which you make payment for the subscription.

  17. Under Change payment frequency, select the new payment frequency to be applied after renewal.

  18. The Current Total Price field displays hows the current sales price of the subscription

19.  The New Total Price field displays the future sales price after renewal.

20. Click Update Renewals once you’ve completed all the fields.

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