Cloudmore-Datto Autotask Integration FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions by our customers regarding the Cloudmore-Datto integration:


What is this integration about? How does it work? Datto Autotask users can now integrate their accounts with Cloudmore that synchronises the billing activity on Cloudmore with Autotask. Read more.
What are the pre-requisites for this integration? You must disable any other 3rd party billing integration settings in your Datto portal. After creating the Cloudmore account, you can bulk export your Datto organizations to Cloudmore.
How can I enable this integration? Check out our guide on detailed steps for integration.
When enabling integration, why do I have to enter an identifier for Service Level Agreement (SLA) AND the billing/service code? When a product or service is created in Autotask, all contracts will be created with these SLAs and billing/service codes. Cloudmore requires this information to calculate and map the billing correctly.

Integration Settings

How do I map the Datto portal terms and functions to that in Cloudmore? Check out the full list of Cloudmore terms and its equivalent here.
After configuring the integration, should I add the service for each company/organization? No, you don't have to separately add the service to the organizations. As long as the CSP 365 or Azure service is active for the organization in the Datto portal, billing data will be synced daily.

Billing Information

How will Cloudmore know what data to export? As long as the CSP 365 or Azure service is active on Autotask and is added to the Cloudmore account, Cloudmore will export all the subscription billing data to the Datto Autotask portal based on the subscription type that was selected when adding the Autotask service. If you do not want the billing report of a particular service to be synced, you have to remove the service from Cloudmore. If there are certain record types (Azure, CSP 365, Marketplace, Perpetual Licenses etc) that should not be exported, these could be deselected when adding the service in the Marketplace.
How and when are Azure subscriptions exported to Autotask?  There are auto-checks every 24 hrs to review the billing activity. If a billing report is generated, an export of the billing report data is sent to Autotask the day after the report is made available. This is an automatic process that does not require any supervision.
What billing report data for CSP 365 is exported to Autotask from Cloudmore?

The total cost price, sales price, and highest quantity details generated in the Cloudmore Billing Report for every subscription will be exported to Autotask using a contract service adjustment.

Every subscription is reviewed to confirm if the product and subscription exist in Autotask and updated accordingly. If it does not exist, then the product or subscription will be created in Autotask as service and contract.The product pricing is taken from the broker price list and stored at the service level in Autotask. 

What billing report data for Azure is exported to Autotask from Cloudmore?

Azure Services - Subscriptions from the Azure billing report are exported and Cloudmore will either create or update contracts. Note that 'products' are created in Autotask instead of 'services'.

Each type such as Azure or Marketplace will be created as a single product in Autotask and the total cost price, sales price and quantity will be exported to Autotask as a contract charge. Product pricing of Azure and Marketplace are not stored in Autotask.

Reserved Instance, Perpetual Licenses and Subscription

Like CSP 365, data from the Azure billing report is exported and Cloudmore will either create or update contracts or services. Services will be created as a single service for each type that will be reused on each contract. Product pricing of Reserved Instances, Perpetual Licenses and Subscriptions are not stored in Autotask.

Will all CSP 365 products be exported to Autotask if an export is done?

CSP 365 Products from the Broker price list will only be exported to Autotask (created or updated) if the product belongs to a subscription in the billing report for the current month.

Will each Azure usage items be exported to Autotask?

No. One product called Azure Classic or Azure Plan will be created that contains the total cost price, sales price and quantity.

The same applies to Marketplace, Reserved Instances, Perpetual Licenses and Subscriptions, one product or service will be created and reused.

Invoice description on my invoice contains the product identifier. How do I remove the invoice description or edit my invoice to display another field from the contract.


Autotask Contracts and Subsequent Cloudmore Subscriptions

How are CSP 365 subscription renewals handled in Autotask?  The existing contract’s end date will be extended to the last day of the new end date month of the subscription.
How will accounts or companies be managed between Autotask and Cloudmore?
  • To match organizations in Cloudmore to Accounts/Companies in Autotask, Cloudmore uses the account ID/company ID of the Account/Company in Autotask and store it as a custom property in Cloudmore which can be found under each Organization’s properties after the broker adds Autotask Service in Cloudmore. This is a manual process that will have to be managed going forward. Please see for further info Export Datto Autotask Companies to Cloudmore. 
  • If a new organization is created in Cloudmore, the Autotask account/company ID should be added in Cloudmore in order for the organizations data to be exported.
  • If there are any organizations where subscriptions should not be exported, the field should be left empty.
If I have an existing Autotask instance, what will happen to my existing contracts, services and products?
  • Cloudmore will create new contracts which means existing contracts will have to be closed in Autotask before the first export of data. Please note contracts will only be created if the subscription appears on the billing report.

  • CSP 365 legacy services uses an identifier from Microsoft. If this identifier is stored in the invoice description field, CSP 365 legacy services will be reused. Pricing from Cloudmore’d broker price list will be overwritten in Autotask.

  • CSP 365 NCE services will be created as new services unless the unique identifier from Cloudmore is stored in the invoice description field. This will require the updating of existing NCE services in Autotask with the unique identifier.

  • Azure, Marketplace, Reserved Instances, Perpetual Licenses and Subscriptions will be created as a new single service or product and reused.

  • Contracts created by Cloudmore should not be deleted from Autotask without confirming with Cloudmore that it can be deleted because the data between Cloudmore and Autotask needs to be kept in sync.

    Any changes or adjustments made to contracts will be overwritten if they differ in the subsequent export.

Why do contract start dates always start on the first of the month and contract end dates the last day of the month even though the contract was created on a different date?

Data is prorated in Autotask and the Microsoft billing report contains subscriptions that contain the final amount that includes the calculation of prorated data which means in order for billing to be accurate, every new contract will be created at the start of the month and end on the last day of the month when the contract ends.

Is it possible to have multiple subscriptions inside a contract? Every subscription will have its own contract in Autotask.


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