Cloudmore Release Notes 3.78, 3.79, 3.80, 3.81

Microsoft NCE Changes

  • We added the functionality to convert the trial NCE subscriptions to the paid version. The converted subscription will act as a new subscription with the newly selected payment terms, quantity, and other details, and cannot be edited post 7 days of conversion. The option to convert is available under the Actions dropdown for the eligible subscription on the Microsoft O365 Subscriptions page.

  • To make the migration report more meaningful to our customers, we have added the Item code and currency fields. If a broker wants to change any of the subscription details prior to the migration report, it becomes easier to identify the items in the price list with the newly added fields in the migration report. Learn more about NCE Migration Report.

  • Microsoft NCE subscriptions are now available for use in the Cloudmore Quote Tool. The Quote Tool functionality enables resellers to generate quotes for organization and email them to the organizations to review. Learn more about Cloudmore’s Quote Tool.

  • We made some structural changes and performance improvements to the Microsoft Billing Report. Some of the changes are: Billing line items are now placed in the ascending order of the purchase dates (previously displayed in the order of charge date). We improved the calculation accuracy of the NCE Billing item “Customer Credit”. We also fixed an issue where the subscriptions were not grouped under the applicable Azure entitlements. Learn more about Microsoft Billing Report.

Performance improvements

  • We improved the loading time for account login and navigation from the homepage.

API Changes

Added the Country Code information to the following API endpoints: GET /api/sellers/{sellerid}/resellers/{id} (returns all seller and reseller information) and POST /api/resellers/{resellerId}/Organizations (returns all services available for adding to organization)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an error that occured when users were trying to create a new Microsoft O365 subscription (NCE).

  • Fixed some issues issue where Microsoft 365 subscription prices and certain billing items were not reflected in the billing report.

  • Fixed the error that occurred when a user tried to delete a custom service.

  • Fixed the issue where creating a 3-year Microsoft 365 subscription set the Start Date into the future

  • Fixed an error where changes made to the Microsoft NCE subscription start date were not reflected in UI.