How do I set up a service in Cloudmore?

The Service is the “wrapper” that contains the service properties. Within the service, you can add the products and add-ons.


The diagram below shows the Custom Service Architecture hierarchy in Cloudmore.  The Service is at the top and contains the products and add-ons.


You must add a service to be able to add products, manage pricing or add marketing information. 

Follow the instructions below to learn how to create and edit custom services.

1. Go to Services

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your Broker menu >  Broker > Custom services.

2. Create a new service

Click Create to add a new service.


3. Enter the properties for the new service


Service Name

Enter the name of the Service


Enter the name of the Vendor


Select from the drop-down list of pre-set categories


Upload an icon to display the service.  Note: the image should be 120x64 pixels in size.


Select the day of each month to generate the billing for the service

User assigned service

Tick this box to enable the service to be connected to user accounts. If this box is not ticked, then it will be associated with an organization only.

Only allow one subscription per organisation.

Tick this box to restrict each product to a single instance

Display only services

Visible in Marketplace, where organisations can view and get further information, but not possible to buy

Provisioning Type

Select e-mail or service connector



Set Welcome Message


The organisation adds service: Select to send the welcome message when an organisation adds the service.

Select Template: Attach a welcome email template that you have created and saved in Cloudmore.  Click here to learn how to create email templates.

Click Create to add the custom service.

The Custom Service will now show in the list.   

4. Edit an existing service


Customservices Screen3

Click on the Actions icon to edit the Properties of a custom service.

5. Service Links

For custom services, there is now an option to add 3 different types of links into the service information. You can now add an External page Link, a Static Link, and an Iframe Link.
To add or edit links, click Actions beside the corresponding service, then Links.  
Service Links 1

Then click Create Link

service links 2
The Create Link page will display:

Service Links 3

The external page link is used when the user needs to access a page on another website or services, such as a web page, support page, or external control panel.

The static link page is WYSIWYG or HTML that is shown within the Cloudmore platform. This is a handy option to provide one or multiple pages of rich information about the service or your services offer.

The Iframe link is normally used when you want to embed dynamic HTML into another web page. Examples of this could be another mini-application or chart, or graphic.

Also, you can define external links for a service that are unique to an individual organisation. This gives the ability to provide unique single-sign-on links or direct the user to a specific customer page within an external system.

Create a new link and mark the “Unique URL per customer” check-box, then Create. Then select Actions>Set Unique Links beside the newly created link and add the links per organisation.

The unique links will now appear on the “Overview” page of the related Custom Service for each organisation.

service links 4