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Microsoft NCE Migration Tool

Cloudmore’s migration tool allows CSP brokers to migrate their Microsoft Legacy subscriptions to the New Commerce Experience (NCE).


Before you process the migration, we recommend to complete the following steps:

  • Generate the Migration Report to review the eligible subscriptions left to migrate. The email report provides consolidated and organizational level data on which subscriptions are eligible for migration, what will be the price and quantity changes, and why some subscriptions can’t be moved under NCE. Reviewing this report gives an overview of your eligible subscriptions and helps you prepare for the migration process. Learn more about Migration Report here.
  • Ensure that all the Microsoft Customer Agreements (MCA) have been signed for your organizations. You can either instruct your customers to sign them or you can also sign it on their behalf. Learn more about signing Microsoft Customer Agreements.
  • Only the following Cloudmore broker accounts have access to the migration tool:
    • Super Admin

    • Global Admin

    • Global View Only Admin

    • Global Support Admin

To provide the necessary access to your users, learn more about Cloudmore roles and permissions.

Note: Microsoft has indefinitely extended the last date (previously July 11, 2022) for migrating legacy subscriptions to NCE.  Read more here.

Migration Process

To use the migration tool:

  1. Login to your Cloudmore broker account.

  2. Click My Services on the left navigation menu.

  3. From the My Services list, select Microsoft 365 CSP Direct.

  4. On the Microsoft 365 CSP Direct page, scroll down and click Migrate to New Commerce Experience.

  5. Scroll down to the Migration job section.

  6. Click New migration job.

  7. Type a title for the migration activity for identification and tracking purpose.

  8. Under Organizations, select All organizations or search and select the organizations whose subscriptions you want to migrate to NCE.

  9. Under Products, select All products or search and select the products whose subscriptions you want to migrate to NCE.

  10. Select the New Term checkbox if you want to start a new subscription cycle instead of the existing start and end dates. If left unchecked, the subscriptions will continue with the existing terms.

  11. Under Subscription length, select one of the following:

    • Keep existing

    • One month

    • 12 months

  12. Under Payment frequency, select one of the following:

    • Keep existing

    • One month

    • 12 months

  13. Click Create Job to initiate the migration.

After you’ve initiated the migration, you can track the progress using the activity log:

  1. Return to the Migrate to New Commerce Experience page (refer to Step 4 above).

  2. Under the Migration job section, click Actions next to the applicable migration name.

  3. Select Download Log. Download and view the CSV file to review the following information: Organization name, Subscription terms and details, Migration start and end time, Migration Status, etc.

Important: We recommend you to migrate your subscriptions in batches. Test the migration with a sample of 100 subscriptions and check the status of migration after 15-30 minutes. Once the migration job is complete, refresh the Microsoft O365 page and run the Migration Report again to review and prepare for the next batch of subscriptions. 

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