How do I test my CSP tenant is correctly integrated with Cloudmore?

Use this process to ensure that you CSP tenant is correctly set up and you are able to access all your data and CSP functionality in Cloudmore.

Follow the instructions below to test your CSP setup. 

The CSP setup and Linking tenants to organizations steps must be completed.   

All tenants must be matched before completing these steps. 

It is important that each of the steps outlined below are tested once the CSP set up is completed and any issues reported as quickly as possible.  

1. Reseller subscriptions view

From the Broker menu > My services > Microsoft 0365 CSP direct.   This will take you to the CSP 0365 overview page.


Then select Subscriptions. This will display a list of all your customers with an 0365 service and the subscriptions that they have (That have their tenant linked to an organization).


2. Reseller Billing 

Return to the 0365 overview page and select Billing 


Set the date range to last month and click Apply, then click Run now.


This report will show both a breakdown of the previous months billing cycle and will correlate with your Microsoft invoice from the same billing cycle.  The end date of the cycle displayed is shown in the green bar, left corner.  The Total cost amount showing in the green bar, righthand corner should be the same as on your Microsoft invoice (0365 services only) from the same date period. 

Test CSP 6.png

3. Reseller organizations view

From the Broker menu > Manage organizations > Organizations.

This will display a list of all your customers.  All organizations that have a linked tenant will display a number in the services column indicating that they have a service. 


Select an organization, ideally, a customer that has multiple active subscriptions, that have completed a billing cycle.  Click on the number in the services column.  And select Manage 0365 CSP direct.

Test CSP 8.png

4. Customer view

You are now at this customer’s organization level.  Which you can be checked in the top left-hand corner.

Test CSP 9.png

An overview of their 0365 service will be displayed. 

Test CSP 10.png

Click Subscriptions

5. Subscriptions

A list of this customer’s current subscriptions will display.  This list will be the same as can be seen in the Microsoft Partner Center.


Note: you can edit the quantities of existing subscriptions by clicking the Actions > Edit.  New subscription are added by clicking on the Add subscription button at the bottom of the subscriptions list

Click on Users.

6. Users

A list of this customer’s current users will display.  This list will be the same as can be seen in the Microsoft Partner Center.


Each user that has a license allocated will have a number in the license column indicating the number of licenses allocated to them.  Click on this number to manage these licences.


Click on Billing report.

7. Customer 0365 billing report

Click in the Date range and select Last month, and then click Get details.

Test CSP 15.png

This report will show, the billing breakdown for last month's billing cycle, for this client.  

Test CSP 16.png

Note: your customers will be able to login and run this report themselves to see a full breakdown of their 0365 costs. 



Last Update 23 June 2021