Video Guides - Manage Microsoft Azure in Cloudmore

These video guides are designed to help you effectively manage your Microsoft Azure subscriptions in Cloudmore.

1. Add a new Microsoft Azure Subscription 

Watch the video below to learn how to add a new Microsoft Azure subscription. Once you have added your Azure subscription to Cloudmore, you will be able to manage it from within the Cloudmore platform, including monitoring usage and costs, managing resources, and configuring access and security settings.

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2. Manage Azure Reserved Instances in Cloudmore

Once you have purchased Azure Reserved Instances in Cloudmore, you can manage them which includes viewing usage and savings reports, modifying reservations, and retiring unused reservations to free up capacity. Watch this video to learn how to manage Azure Reserved Instances in Cloudmore. 

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3. Add Users and Assign Subscriptions

By adding users and assigning subscriptions in Cloudmore, you can streamline the management of your Azure environment, improve collaboration among team members, and ensure that each user has the appropriate level of access to managing subscriptions and permissions.

4. Microsoft Azure Usage Reports

Microsoft Azure usage reports in Cloudmore provide valuable insights into the consumption of resources and services within your Azure environment. These reports help you to monitor your Azure usage, identify trends, and track usage patterns over time. Watch the video to learn more:

Note: If you've enabled self service for your customers, learn how to set an Azure Spending Budget for them.

5. Microsoft Billing Reports

The Microsoft Billing Report in Cloudmore provides detailed insights into the usage and costs of Azure services and resources within an organization. Watch the video to learn how to generate and export this report.

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