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Get Started with Cloudmore

Apply your company branding

You can maintain your brand image when using Cloudmore. You can display your logo, change the color scheme, and add marketing banners, or even fully white label Cloudmore with your own customer login page with a custom URL. Learn more about branding

Create User Accounts

Cloudmore access is controlled by assigning role based permissions to users. You cannot create shared accounts as each user will require their own unique login. Learn more about setting up Cloudmore admin accounts.

Security Settings

Cloudmore Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased control and visibility. You can configure several security settings including notifications, Single Sign On (SSO), Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), and IP filtering. Learn more about:

Cloudmore APIs

The Cloudmore API is a REST API that Cloudmore Cloud Service Brokers and Sellers in Cloudmore can use to order and manage services and subscriptions and retrieve billing information. Learn more about:

Add Organization Users

You can provide your organization the access to Cloudmore and set up necessary approvals so that your organization has more flexibility in managing their subscriptions under your supervision. Learn more about:

Manage Billling

Cloudmore provides a comprehensive billings system that supports all recurring and one-time billing models including metered, pro-rated, trials, discounts, seat-based, consumption-based, cost centers etc. Learn how to:

Manage Products and Services

Cloudmore enables you to manage all your CSP products and subscriptions, other partner integrated services, and also to set up your own custom products and services. Learn more about: